Coronation Street: Fans heartbroken as David and Shona decide to split

David and Shona have been through a lot together

Coronation Street fans have been left heartbroken as David and Shona decided to split up in last night’s episode (Monday, December 21).

A few months ago, Shona decided she wanted to move back into David’s house with him, Gail and the kids.

But as viewers know, Shona is still struggling with amnesia and brain damage after being in a coma.

Last week, Shona ended up getting locked in the Bistro with Simon Barlow, who she recently befriended.

Shona Coronation Street
Shona befriended Simon Barlow (Credit: ITV)

However in last night’s visit to the cobbles, Ray told David he had footage of Shona and Simon breaking in. He threatened to go to the police if David didn’t stop making a fuss over the new development Ray planned to build.

In order to save Shona from getting in legal trouble, David agreed.

Later the hairdresser asked Shona if she would be happier living back at Roy’s and Shona said she would.

David and Shona split (Credit: ITV)

The couple soon had a chat and David said they needed to accept the fact it wasn’t working out between them.

They agreed to tell the kids after Christmas. Although Shona seemed okay, it was clear when David went into the kitchen that was devastated.

Viewers were also left heartbroken by the scenes.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Christmas for David and Shona

Later this week, Nina reveals a family portrait she’s done of David, Shona and the kids.

Shona tearfully explains to her that they’ve split up and Nina feels terrible.

Meanwhile in the Rovers, David confides in Daisy that he and Shona are splitting up. Daisy is secretly pleased.

David tells Daisy that he and Shona are splitting up (Credit: ITV)

Roy and Nina urge Shona to talk to David and explain how she feels.

Later, as David and Shona wrap up the kids’ Christmas presents, he assures her he will continue to support her when she moves out.

But Shona is clearly not listening and suddenly stops and heads out leaving David frustrated. David breaks the news to Nick and Sarah that he and Shona are splitting up.

On Christmas Day, Max and Lily excitedly rip open their Christmas presents.

Shona and David spend Christmas with the kids (Credit: ITV)

Shona gives David a six-foot cuddly rabbit to replace his childhood pet Barney. But when Lily gets a jewellery bead stuck in her nose, David and Shona reluctantly set off for A&E.

Whilst the nurse sees to Lily, Shona clams her down by making her giggle. David watches with a heavy heart, realising how much the kids will miss her.

When they return to the street, David and Shona head to Jenny’s drink stall. However Shona loses it when she spots Daisy flirting with David and storms off.

Coronation Street Spoilers

David finds his wife in Victoria Gardens and they clear the air. They soon admit they love each other and want to make another go of things. David soon forms a plan.

David and Shona re-enact their wedding (Credit: ITV)

At No.8, Max and Lily help them re-enact their wedding day. As the Platts leave the house, snow begins to fall and Shona stares up in wonderment.

David gazes at Shona, his love for her renewed.

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