Coronation Street SPOILERS: Peter accuses Carla of sleeping with Daniel

Will Carla tell Peter the truth?

Coronation Street spoilers reveal Peter accuses Carla of sleeping with his half-brother Daniel.

Recently Carla cheated on boyfriend Peter with his nephew Adam. Although Carla told Peter that she had been unfaithful, she didn’t tell him who she slept with.

But on the week of the show’s 60th anniversary, Peter starts to suspect she has been having an affair with one of his family members.

Will the truth come out? (Credit: ITV)

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Leanne persuades Peter that his relationship with Carla is worth saving. He decides to show Carla how he really feels about her.

Coronation Street: Peter proposes to Carla

Peter apologises to his girlfriend for his paranoia. He gets down on one knee and proposes to her. The cab driver says he’s booked a blessing in Kefalonia.

Peter proposes to Carla (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Daniel stumbles across the truth about who Carla slept with and confronts Adam. How will Daniel react to the news that his brother has just proposed?

Peter is excitedly going ahead with plans for the wedding. But when Jenny mentions she saw Carla calling in at Daniel’s flat, Peter is concerned. His paranoia goes into overdrive as to what she was doing there.

Has Peter got the wrong end of the stick?

Peter accuses Daniel and Carla of being lovers (Credit: ITV)

Later in the Rovers, Peter spots Daniel and Carla having a hushed conversation. He furiously accuses them of being lovers. What will Daniel and Carla say?

Carla’s anxious to realise that Peter’s gone out and a bottle of whisky is missing.

Peter takes a swig of whisky (Credit: ITV)

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She’s relieved when he returns and the whisky is unopened. But as she tries to talk to him, Peter refuses to listen.

He ends up unscrewing the bottle and defiantly takes a swig. Will she be able to get through to him?

Will she tell him the truth about who she slept with?

Coronation Street will air three one hour episodes for the 60th anniversary. The episodes will air Monday, December 7th, Wednesday 9th, Friday 11th at 7.30pm.

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