Coronation Street SPOILERS: Geoff sets fire to No.6

Yasmeen's trial comes to an end

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Coronation Street spoilers reveal Geoff sets fire to No.6 after Yasmeen’s trial on the week of the 60th anniversary. What did the jury decide?

In this week’s scenes, Yasmeen’s trial starts. By the end of the week, Yasmeen, Geoff, Sally and Alya have spoke in court and the jury is left to decide.

But on the week of the show’s 60th anniversary things take a dramatic turn after the trial.

What will the jury decide? (Credit: ITV)

The trial draws to a close. Will some new damning evidence see justice be done, or is it just beginning for Yasmeen and Alya?

The fall out from the trial verdict reverberates around the street. Whilst it’s not revealed what the verdict is, Geoff and Alya lock horns once more.

Geoff attacks Alya at Speed Daal (Credit: ITV)

But things take a turn when Geoff attacks Alya at Speed Daal. He then heads back to No.6 and sets the place on fire.

Alya follows Geoff into the house and a dramatic rooftop standoff ensues. Has Geoff got his ultimate revenge on the Nazirs?

Later, Ryan, Sally, Tim and Cathy take in the scene at No.6. How will it all end?

Coronation Street: Yasmeen and Geoff – the lead up to the 60th anniversary

In upcoming scenes, Tim hits Geoff after he goads him. But this means he can no longer be a witness at Yasmeen’s trial.

Tim later gets a call from the police, Geoff’s first wife Elaine has been found. However she has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

Yasmeen’s trial begins and she’s a bag of nerves. The barrister delivers their opening statements.

Geoff paints Yasmeen as a violent alcoholic (Credit: ITV)

Geoff takes to the witness box and paints his wife to be a violent alcoholic. Yasmeen is outraged by his lies.

Meanwhile Tim goes to see Elaine at the hospital and apologises for not believing she’s his mum. Tim asks her to give evidence at the trial. Will Elaine agree?

She confides in Tim that she’s convinced Geoff has been spying on her at the hospital.

But in court, Geoff tells the jury Yasmeen viciously lunged at him with the broken bottle. Tim implores Elaine to give evidence saying she’s Yasmeen’s only real hope.

Tim implores Elaine to give evidence saying she’s Yasmeen’s only real hope (Credit: ITV)

Imran cross examines Geoff and he’s forced to admit that his first wife may not be dead after all and she could be Tim’s mother.

Yasmeen tells the court about Geoff’s abuse

In the witness box Imran questions Yasmeen. She tells the court Geoff is a nasty, controlling bully and Imran shows the phone footage of Geoff’s abusive behaviour.

Yasmeen tells the court she’s been a victim of domestic abuse (Credit: ITV)

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Yasmeen tells the court she’s been a victim of domestic abuse. But after she talks them through the night she attacked Geoff, the prosecution barrister tears into her.

Both Alya and Sally take to the witness box. Later Yasmeen calls her granddaughter and tells her it’s now up to the jury to decide her fate

Coronation Street will air three one hour episodes for the 60th anniversary. The episodes will air Monday, December 7th, Wednesday 9th, Friday 11th at 7.30pm.

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