Coronation Street SPOILERS: Disaster strikes as residents try to save the cobbles

Ray wants the brewery knocked down

Coronation Street spoilers reveal disaster strikes as residents try to stop Ray from destroying the cobbles.

Ray has been planning to knock down half the street in order to build something new. But now residents know of his plans, can they stop him?

Ken unwittingly reveals to Debbie how this afternoon they’ll be lodging applications to have the brewery listed as a historical building, thus saving it from the bulldozer.

Coronation Street residents fight back (Credit: ITV)

When Debbie warns Ray about the residents’ plans to prevent the brewery being knocked down, Ray resolves to have it demolished that afternoon, before they lodge their application.

On the street Ken, Kevin, Abi, Brian, Cathy, David, Rita and Shona watch in horror as the bulldozer heads towards the brewery. Ray gives them a satisfied grin.

The bulldozers head towards the brewery (Credit: ITV)

The residents decide to set up camp in front of the brewery and Rita leads them in a rousing rendition of ‘We shall not be Moved.’ Can they defeat Ray and save the cobbles?

After a night camping outside of the brewery, the residents celebrate halting the process of the bulldozers.

But their joy is short-lived when a massive long-arm digger turns up on the street.

Coronation Street: Disaster strikes

In a bid to make peace with Abi, Kevin contacts a councillor friend to alert him to the brewery’s application for listed status.

Meanwhile Debbie phones Ray in a panic and the protestors are outraged as Ray’s men begin dismantling their camp.

Ken goes and stands in the path of the bulldozer’s path refusing to let them destroy the brewery (Credit: ITV)

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Ken goes and stands in the path of the bulldozer’s path as Abi jumps in the cab of the digger.

But disaster strikes when she soon loses control of the long arm and it ends up smashing down on a nearby substation.

The long arm smashes a nearby substation (Credit: ITV)

This knocks out all of the power in the surrounding streets. Will everyone be okay?

Kevin begins to wonder how Ray got wind of their plans – is the game up for Debbie?

Ray attacks Faye

In the Bistro, a flattered Faye decides to put aside any misgivings and agrees to join Ray for a drink in the office.

Later, Gary enters the Bistro with the signed factor contract for Ray. But he soon hears Faye’s muffled cries from the office and orders Ray to open the door.

Gary hears Faye’s cry coming from Ray’s office (Credit: ITV)

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Faye emerges in tears with her blouse torn and flees. Incensed, Gary goes after his sister.

At their flat, Gary and Maria try to comfort Faye but she clams up, refusing to take any action against Ray. Gary seethes with rage. But is the killer set to take his revenge on the businessman?

Coronation Street will air three one hour episodes for the 60th anniversary. The episodes will air Monday, December 7th, Wednesday 9th, Friday 11th at 7.30pm.

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