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Coronation Street SPOILERS: Next week’s First Look in 10 pictures

Peter's back on a downward spiral...

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Coronation Street spoilers in pictures for next week see a vicious attack cause Peter to fall off the wagon and end up in hospital.

Elsewhere, Leanne and Steve clash, while Craig discovers Ray’s dangerous side…

All this and more in next week’s Coronation Street spoilers.

1. Peter’s week from hell 

Thug confronts Peter and steals his cab (Credit: ITV)

Peter has a huge argument with Carla, before heading out to work.

But his day gets worse when a thug demands a lift in the taxi and things turn nasty.

Barry finds Peter all beat up and calls the police (Credit: ITV)

The thug beats up Peter and steals his cab, leaving him abandoned and bloodied on the road.

A passerby called Barry calls the police, before offering a shaken Peter his hip flask.

Peter tries to fight his demons but ends up drinking the whisky.

Abi confronts Peter as he starts drinking (Credit: ITV)

Abi is suspicious, but Peter assures her that his drinking was a one off.

Carla is warned by Abi that Peter needs help, but will he accept it?

Peter is found passed out after drinking too much (Credit: ITV)

Later, Johnny and Jenny find Peter barely conscious and realise that he needs to get to a hospital.

Peter wakes at the hospital to find Carla by his bed… but will she accept his apologies?

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2. Craig makes an enemy of Ray 

Craig finds Ray’s plans to redevelop the street (Credit: ITV)

While giving Ray advice on his security, Craig sees the plans for redeveloping the street.

Craig is caught out looking at the plans and Ray isn’t happy.

Ray tries to buy Craig’s silence by offering him and Faye a free meal at the Bistro.

Craig talks to Gary about Ray’s redevelopment plans he found (Credit: ITV)

Knowing something fishy is going on, Craig asks Gary about Ray’s redevelopment plans.

Gary warns Ray that Craig onto him and Ray realises he needs to get Craig on side.

Ray promises to put in a good word with the Chief Inspector at Craig’s work in return for his silence.

Coronation Street Faye makes rape threat to Ray
Ray hires Faye into a trainee position as part of his plan to silence Craig (Credit: ITV)

Faye is thrilled when Ray makes her trainee manager across his hotel empire, oblivious to his motive.

Later Ray tells Craig that he and Faye will both lose their jobs if he reveals his plans.

3. Steve and Leanne clash 

Leanne is stressed about Oliver’s future (Credit: ITV)

Imran warns Leanne that Steve needs to be fully on board for her appeal to work.

Leanne tries her best to change Steve’s mind about Oliver’s future.

Steve begs Leanne to drop the appeal, but will she listen?

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4. Todd causes more trouble for Paul 

Sarah confronts Paul causing Paul to quit his job (Credit: ITV)

Paul is exhausted after working all night at the helpline.

His day gets worse when scheming Todd mixes up his orders while he’s not looking.

Sarah is fuming and shattered Paul tells her he quits.

Paul and Todd joke around as Paul wears Billy’s robes (Credit: ITV)

Paul is relieved when Todd gets him his job back, oblivious it was Todd who got him sacked in the first place.

Todd invites himself round for the evening and cajoles him into trying on Billy’s robes.

Billy isn’t impressed when he gets home to find Paul dancing around in his robes.

Is Todd’s plan to cause trouble between the couple working?

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