Kevin and Abi looking concerned in Coronation Street

Coronation Street SPOILERS: Kevin confesses his love for Abi as she plans to flee

Abi plans to get away with Alfie

Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal Kevin confesses his love for Abi as she plans to kidnap her son Alfie and flee Weatherfield.

After Imran and Toyah gained custody of Alfie, Abi has been determined to get her son back and is going to desperate lengths.

Corrie Nervous Abi asks Toyah and Imran if she can have Alfie for a whole day
Abi asks to have Alfie for a whole day (Credit: ITV)

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Coronation Street spoilers: Abi plots to kidnap Alfie

Earlier this year Abi was shocked when she went into labour, unaware she was pregnant.

Abi gave birth to a son, who she called Alfie, and realised that the father was Imran, who she had a one-night-stand with last year.

When Abi’s husband Kevin discovered Imran was the father of Abi’s baby, he told Imran’s fiancée Toyah.

Although she was furious that Imran cheated, she eventually forgave him and decided they should try to get custody of Alfie.

Imran paid a man named Ben to follow Abi so he could prove she was back on drugs.

But when Ben failed to produce any evidence, Imran paid to him to lie in court saying he witnessed Abi buying drugs.

Custody of Alfie was given to Imran and Toyah and Abi was allowed visits.

In next week’s scenes Abi asks Imran and Toyah is she can have Alfie for a whole day next Monday.

Toyah agrees and although Imran isn’t happy about Abi having Alfie by herself, he goes along with it.

In the cafe, Toyah gets a call from the social worker Lou, requesting an urgent meeting to discuss Imran and Toyah’s former foster daughter, Elsie.

Meanwhile Abi gets the two fake passports and plans to travel to Costa Rica.

Coronation Street Abi reveals to horrified Kevin she's talking Alfie and going to Costa Rica
Abi tells Kevin about her plan to flee (Credit: ITV)

Kevin admits to Abi he still loves her

Kevin goes to see Abi and admits to her that he’s never stopped loving her.

Abi tells Kevin that she’s leaving tomorrow and will be taking Alfie with her.

She pleads with him to keep her plan a secret.

However Kevin tells Debbie about Abi’s crazy plan to abduct Alfie.

Debbie tells her brother he has two choices, he can either tell Imran or stay quiet and hope Abi gets away with it.

Kevin later approaches Imran in the street, will he tell him about Abi’s plan?

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