Coronation Street SPOILERS: Kelly to die as she takes drugs?

Asha and Summer find her unresponsive

Coronation Street spoilers reveal Kelly Neelan passes out after taking drugs. But will she be okay?

In next week’s scenes Leanne is delighted to find Simon knuckling down into his coursework. But her delight is short-lived when Jacob turns up and whisks him away.

Later Ken takes Simon to the café for a chat, but will he open up?

Ken takes Simon for a chat (Credit: ITV)

Leanne’s heart sinks when Simon arrives home with Jacob. Simon darkly warns his mum about throwing Jacob out.

As a group of lads arrive, Leanne retreats to her room.

Meanwhile Asha can tell her girlfriend Nina slipping away so she plans to surprise her with a night in a hotel. Presuming Nina is the one rushing things, Dev confronts her and lets Asha’s plan slip.

Nina ends her relationship with Asha (Credit: ITV)

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Nina gently explains to Asha that she isn’t ready for a sexual relationship and they should go back to just being friends.

Coronation Street spoilers: Kelly buys drugs off Simon

Devastated, Asha suggests to Kelly and Summer that they should buy some pills and get wasted.

Knowing who to get them from, Kelly goes to Simon. Although he’s reluctant, she eventually persuades him to sell her a couple of pills.

Kelly persuades Simon to sell her pills (Credit: ITV)

But after taking the pills, Asha and Summer are horrified to find Kelly unresponsive.

Later Simon is horrified when Jacob reveals how he rips off the big boss Harvey by stealing a few drugs and selling them separately.

He gives Simon money to keep quiet and heads out. But soon Harvey approaches Simon and reveals he knows Jacob is ripping him off and wonders if he knows anything about it and Simon is terrified.

Jacob tells Simon how he rips off Harvey (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, the girls call an ambulance for Kelly. Dev arrives at the hospital and is horrified when Asha reveals Kelly took a pill.

Dev heads to the café and accuses Nina of having something to do with Kelly’s drug taking. But Nina explains that she and Asha have split up and knows nothing about the drugs.

He tells her to go easy on Asha as she is clearly upset.

Harvey has Simon trapped

Back on the cobbles, Simon assures Harvey he’s never stolen from him and knew nothing of Jacob’s scam.

Harvey asserts that in that case he’s got himself a promotion. A desperate Simon tells Harvey that he wants out.

Harvey won’t let Simon out (Credit: ITV)

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But Harvey points out he still owes him £2k and tells him he’ll do as he’s told or he’ll end up in hospital like Jacob.

Simon tells Leanne about Harvey and she tells him they have no choice but to got to the police.

But as they head out, they hear about Kelly. In a panic Simon insists they can’t go to the police as he sold Kelly the pills.

Appalled, Leanne says she’ll meet Harvey and sort this.

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