Who plays Elaine in Coronation Street? What else has Paula Wilcox been in?

Elaine is Geoff's first wife

Elaine first appeared in Coronation Street last year. But who plays Elaine Jones in Coronation Street and what else has the actress been in?

Who plays Elaine Jones in Coronation Street?

Elaine first appeared last year (Credit: ITV)

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Elaine is played by actress Paula Wilcox. She was born in Manchester in December 1949.

What else has Paula Wilcox been in?

Paula is a popular actress. She began her acting career in the 60s

Soap fans may recognise her from another soap.

Between 2007 and 2008, Paula played Hilary Potts in Emmerdale. Her character is the mother of Laurel Thomas.

Paula played Laurel’s mum Hilary in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

In 2020 she played Sandra in the TV series Trying and Diana in Grantchester.

She also played the character Pauline in Mount Pleasant from 2011 until 2017.

Over her career Paula has also had roles in many TV series including Living The Dream, Upstart Crow, Girlfriends, Moving On, Boomers, Doctors, A Touch of Frost, Holby City and The Queen’s Nose.

Who is Elaine and was she married to Geoff

Elaine is the first wife of Geoff Metcalfe and biological mother of Tim Metcalfe.

Last year it was revealed Elaine’s real name is Phillipa and she was married to Geoff for two years.

Tim is Elaine’s son (Credit: ITV)

Elaine and Geoff married in 1971 and she fell pregnant with their son, Tim, who she gave birth to in January 1972.

As well as being controlling and mentally abusive towards Elaine, Geoff was also having an affair with her best friend Tessa.

Elaine fled her abusive marriage in 1973 when Tim was just one year old as she feared for her life. But Geoff refused to let her take Tim.

He married Tessa and lied to Tim, letting him believe that his second wife was his mum.

Why did Elaine come to Coronation Street?

Last year, Elaine visited Yasmeen Metcalfe in prison. She had seen in the papers that Yasmeen was in prison and awaiting her trial for the attempted murder of her abuser and husband, Geoff.

Knowing that Geoff was an abusive and controlling man, she went to see Yasmeen.

Elaine was Geoff’s first wife (Credit: ITV)

She then mysteriously vanished after Geoff found out about her arrival.

On the week of Yasmeen’s trial, Tim discovered Elaine was in Weatherfield General’s psychiatric ward as Geoff had threatened her.

Yasmeen was eventually found not guilty of the attempted murder of Geoff and was allowed to go home.

Geoff abused Elaine and Yasmeen (Credit: ITV)

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Geoff later set No.6 on fire with him and Yasmeen inside. Yasmeen escaped to the roof and Geoff chased her, but ended up falling to his death.

Since Geoff’s death, Elaine has been able to get to know her son Tim properly. She has also started working at Speed Daal with Yasmeen.

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