Coronation Street Spoilers

Coronation Street SPOILERS: First Look December 14 – 18 episodes in 10 pictures

Ray's sinister ways continue...

Coronation Street spoilers in pictures for 60th anniversary episodes see the net closing in on Gary as Sarah tells the police where Rick’s body is buried.

Also, Ray clashes with both Faye and Debbie, while Carla finds herself out in the cold.

All this and more in next week’s Coronation Street spoilers.

1. Faye accuses Ray of attempted rape 

Ray corners Faye while she is alone in Victoria Gardens and she accuses him of trying to rape her.

Luckily, Maria comes to Faye’s rescue, giving Ray his marching orders.

She begs Faye to report Ray to the police but she refuses, scared her secret fling with Ray will come out.

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2. Ray turns on Debbie 

Debbie tries to persuade Gary to go through with the sale of Underworld.

But Gary tells her he refuses to do business with a sex pest.

Debbie takes matters into her own hands and comes up with a plan B.

Realising fighting the locals isn’t working, Debbie takes on a new approach.

Ray is fuming that Debbie didn’t consult him on the revised development.

The pair clash, and Ray tells Debbie that from now on he makes the decisions.

3. Sarah shops Gary to the police 

Coronation Street Sarah grasses up Gary

Fed up with Gary, Sarah calls the police and tells them she knows where a corpse is buried and who put it there.

The police keep a close eye on Gary, watching his every move.

Gary panics when he hears on the radio that the police are searching the woods for a body.

Gary confronts Sarah for shopping him to the police, but she denies it.

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4. Tim puts pressure on Elaine 

Desperate to make up for lost years, Tim and Elaine agree to spend more time together.

But when Tim asks Elaine to move in with him, she’s shocked.

Elaine is nervous about moving too fast and confides in Alya.

Eventually Elaine lets Tim down gently and they agree to take things slowly.

5. Carla’s turfed out 

Carla begs Peter to let her help him battle his drinking demons.

But Simon makes it clear she is no longer part of the family and sends her packing.

Later, Simon accuses Carla of causing Peter to hit the bottle again.

Carla feels awful for putting Peter’s life on the line.

6. Todd plays evil games

Still trying to come between Paul and Billy, Todd steps up his plan to sabotage their relationship.

He lies that his shower doesn’t work, so Paul gives him his keys to the flat to use theirs.

Todd relishes the chance to snoop around the flat, but things are awkward when Billy catches him.

Paul has a tough night at the helpline, which gives Todd an idea.

Sensing Paul’s vulnerability, he lines up a trap for him to get him in trouble.

Todd pays someone to cause trouble for Paul, hoping it will lead to him losing his job at the helpline.

Will his plan work?

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