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Coronation Street SPOILERS: Fire at Speed Daal – but who’s trapped inside?

Hashim orders Zeedan to commit arson

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Next week’s Coronation Street spoilers show the Nazirs watching on in horror as Speed Daal is engulfed in flames with somebody trapped inside.

Zeedan is in turmoil as he watches their family restaurant burn, knowing that lives are on the line.

Dangerous Hashim had ordered him to start a fire so they could claim on the insurance, but it’s not clear whether Zeedan went through with his vile plan.

However, as distraught Alya and Yasmeen watch on helplessly, Zeedan knows he bought this nightmare to their door.

Did he start the fire, and will the person trapped inside escape?

Coronation Street spoilers: Zeedan and Alya

Coronation Street Spoilers Zeedan ryan
Ryan catches Zeedan with dirty money (Credit: ITV)

Zeedan’s kept the Hashim situation under wraps so far, but next week Ryan rumbles him.

Ryan knows that Hashim is putting the screws on Alya’s brother, and he wants answers.

Zeedan is forced to come clean when Ryan finds the bag of dirty money that he’s washing for his criminal ex-father-in-law.

Explaining that if he doesn’t do what Hashim wants, he’ll be beaten up and worse, Zeedan begs Ryan to keep his secret.

However, Alya knows that they are hiding something major from her when she catches them arguing.

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Although Ryan keeps schtum in the moment, he later reveals the criminal web that Zeedan is caught up in.

Alya’s horrified to discover Speed Daal is now a front for money laundering and demands an audience with Hashim.

Zeedan can’t believe it when he finds her confronting the violent gang boss over what’s been going on.

But as he tries to stop her, Alya turns on Zeedan and accuses him of destroying everything they’ve worked so hard to build.

Zeedan’s got a plan

Coronation Street Spoilers Zeedan in trouble
Hashim ramps up the precious on terrified Zeedan (Credit: ITV)

No matter what Alya says, Zeedan knows he’ll have to launder Hashim’s money if they want to get rid of him.

Together, he and Ryan plot to make money by bagging the last pitch for their food van at the lucrative Christmas market.

Arch-rival Debbie is furious they’ve beaten her to the punch, but Zeedan’s got more than her to worry about.

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A curveball is thrown in the mix when Speed Daal partner Elaine calls to say she wants to sell her share in the business.

Now Zeedan needs to wash Hashim’s dirty money and buy out Elaine to keep the business in the family.

But just when he thinks the Christmas market will buy them some breathing space, their food truck goes missing.

Is Debbie up to her old tricks again?

Alya thinks so, but when she goes to call the police, Zeedan stops her and reminds her that the van is full of dirty cash.

Unfortunately for Zeedan, it doesn’t take Hashim long to find out what’s happened.

Speed Daal’s on fire!

Alya Yasmeen
The Nazirs are devastated to see the fire rage in Speed Daal (Credit: ITV)

Zeedan is terrified as Hashim lays down the law about their next move.

Without the money, the only option he has is to burn his family restaurant down.

The insurance will give Zeedan the money he needs to pay Hashim back, and there’s no way out of it.

If Zeedan chooses to ignore his orders, Hashim promises to burn Yasmeen’s house down instead.

In an impossible situation, it looks like Zeedan has got no way out.

However, when the alarm is raised that a fire has started, it’s not clear whether Zeedan did the deed or not.

He bears some responsibility no matter whether he lit the match or not, and it could cost a life.

Who is trapped in the fire, and will they get out alive?

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