Coronation Street SPOILERS: Devastated Leanne pushes her family away

Leanne is struggling to accept Oliver's diagnosis

In next week’s Coronation Street, Leanne finds herself in denial over Oliver and takes her anger out on Toyah. But will she regret her actions?

This week, Oliver is diagnosed with an incurable form of mitochondrial disease, leaving Leanne devastated.

Preview pictures for next week reveal Leanne isn’t coping with the diagnosis and begins to push people away.

Dr Gaddas pops round to Leanne’s and advises her to consider counselling sessions. But Leanne is furious and refuses any help.

Later, she takes her anger out on her sister Toyah. But will Toyah forgive her?

Coronation Street Leanne
Leanne takes her anger out on Toyah (Credit: ITV)

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Pushing away Simon

In this week’s episodes Leanne and Steve receive Oliver’s diagnosis, learning he has an incurable form of mitochondrial disease.

As the news reaches the family, they all reel from it.

But later, Simon overhears his mum say Oliver is all she ever wanted and, if he dies, she’ll have nothing. Hearing her unthoughtful remark, he is upset.

The teenager heads to school for his exam but as he approaches the exam hall he makes a decision.

Leanne betrayed Simon
Leanne’s remark upsets Simon, who has viewed Leanne as his mum since he was little (Credit: ITV)

Will it be one he lives to regret?

Simon moves out

Simon reveals to his dad Peter what he overheard Leanne say. Despite Leanne apologising to Simon, he says he’s going to live with his dad.

Leanne tells Nick she feels terrible for upsetting Simon, prompting him to square up to Peter. Nick accuses Peter of taking Simon away from Leanne.

How will Peter respond?

Peter ends up comforting Nick (Credit: ITV)

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Later, Leanne lets Oliver stay at Steve’s. But as the whole family struggles with the devastating diagnosis, Nick apologises to Peter.

He soon finds himself being comforted by his nemesis.

Toyah’s fostering plans put on hold

Meanwhile, Toyah and Imran are excited to be told by social workers they have a good chance of being accepted as foster parents.

But as news of Oliver reaches Toyah, she tells Imran they will have to put their plans on hold.

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