Coronation Street spoilers Todd

Coronation Street SPOILERS: David arrested after Todd’s hit and run

He's certainly got something to hide

Coronation Street spoilers for next week show the police coming for David after Todd is injured in a hit and run.

PC Craig Tinker arrives to question David after his car is found dumped with a large dent in it.

They correctly suspect that David has something to hide, but they don’t realise they’ve got the wrong person.

It’s his wife Shona who was behind the wheel, but the big question is whether victim Todd remembers…

Coronation Street spoilers Todd
It’s a rude awakening for Todd (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Shona mowed down Todd!

David gets a nasty surprise on Monday when Shona arrives home and reveals she’s had an accident.

She tells David that the car hit something, but she didn’t see what it was and fled.

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Certain that the news of an accident would be all over the Weatherfield grapevine, David reassures Shona that it’s nothing to worry about.

He takes the vehicle to Webster’s Garage and asks Abi to work her magic on the dent.

But soon there’s a nightmare unfolding as Eileen reveals Todd has been hospitalised after being hit by a car.

Coronation Street spoilers Eileen and Todd
Is Eileen thawing towards her estranged son? (Credit: ITV)

Can Todd remember?

When Eileen arrives to see Todd, he’s in a pretty bad way. Although his injuries aren’t life-threatening, they are nasty – and Eileen’s grateful he’s going to pull through.

When she quizzes him on what happened that fateful night, Todd tells her it’s all a bit hazy.

But David and Shona will be desperate to know just how much Todd does remember.

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Back on the cobbles, Abi’s worked out that Shona is responsible for Todd’s accident.

It takes some monumental begging from the Platts for her to turn a blind eye to their guilt.

But Abi does agree not to go to the police, and grateful David takes the car and ditches it far away from the Street.

After putting Shona’s mind at rest, he heads to the hospital to subtly quiz Todd.

David knows that if Todd’s got any inkling that they’re to blame, he’ll make them pay.

Coronation Street Spoilers
David feels the long arm of the law (Credit: ITV)

Will the charges stick?

It might not matter what Todd knows because the police soon pay David a visit at work.

Craig reveals they’ve found the car in a pub car park, with a highly suspicious dent in the side.

David is put under arrest and taken to the station for questioning.

Later, tests confirm that the paint fragments on Todd’s clothes match David’s vehicle, and the panicked Platt is certain the game is up.

That’s until Craig visits David to reveal new evidence has come to light and tells him he’s a free man.

Have David and Shona really escaped the charges scot-free?

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