Audrey Roberts lays in a hospital bed and Gail looks shocked

Coronation Street spoilers: Audrey makes shock death confession

Bad news for the Platts

In Coronation Street spoilers for next week, Audrey leaves family members stunned as she announces new arrangements concerning her death.

Still recovering from being hit by a (stationary) motorbike, Audrey is nonetheless discharged from hospital.

But as she heads back to the Street, her behaviour is an immediate cause for concern as she makes straight for the Rovers.

However, when Audrey later reveals there will be changes to her estate, will her fondness for a tipple be her family’s priority any longer?

Corrie Stephen and Gail put on a united front for Audrey
Audrey’s antics have kept Stephen and Gail on their toes (Credit: ITV)

Audrey’s back on the cobbles

She may have healed up, but Audrey clearly isn’t doing much better as the pub calls to her as she leaves hospital.

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Gail is anxious about how her mum makes a beeline directly to the bar.

But being a barfly seems to agree with Gail’s brother Stephen, as he chats up Elaine as she reveals she’s planning on taking a trip to Italy.

The Platts sat down for dinner in the Bistro
Audrey has some news – and it is unlikely to please many of the Platts (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Audrey’s shocking admission

Audrey later brings Nick, Sarah and David – along with Gail and Stephen – together for a family meeting.

That’s because she intends to update her will… and her grandkids immediately turn on the charm.

However, as they congregate at the Bistro it soon becomes apparent their schmoozing may have been in vain.

Audrey has a new, sole beneficiary in mind – and it isn’t anyone with blood links to her.

She announces she wishes to leave all her worldly belongings – and businesses, and cash – to WARTs.

WARTs she explains, is thankfully not related to carbuncles and pimples.

It is an acronym for the Weatherfield Association of Retail Traders. And Audrey wishes to leave the charitable society all of her cash, dedicated to the memory of her late hubby Alfie.

The Platts sat down for dinner in the Bistro
Will Audrey really disinherit her family? (Credit: ITV)

Audrey puts her trust in Stephen

Typically, the Platts choose not to respect Audrey’s wishes.

Indeed they infuriate her when David attempts to gain power of attorney over Audrey’s wealth.

She relents and tells them they will all inherit after all. But her estate will be held in trust by Stephen.

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And that’s not the only new move involving Stephen. He later reveals he’ll be moving in with his mum at Grasmere Drive to keep an eye on her.

But how long will he be sticking around for?

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