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Coronation Street spoilers: Are Kevin and Debbie about to die?

They're trapped in a fridge!

Are Debbie and Kevin about to die on Coronation Street?

The soap characters find themselves trapped in a fridge this week – that could lead to their untimely deaths.

Monday evening’s episodes (February 15) saw the pair struggling to survive as they became stuck in The Bistro fridge.

Evil Ray Crosby has entrapped them in the freezing enclosure and seems all too happy to leave them there to die.

On Monday night viewers saw them joke about their predicament.

Teasing about horror movies they’d watched as kids, they tried to stay awake and active as they awaited rescue.

kevin and debbie on corrie
Kevin and Debbie are in a perilous situation (Credit: ITV)

But Kevin becomes increasingly worried as Debbie insists on taking a nap.

Meanwhile, Ray was shown talking to the police. Here he insisted he had no idea where the siblings were.

Back in the fridge, the brother and sister open up about their love lives.

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Debbie said she doesn’t think anyone will be worried about her whereabouts.

To which Kevin replied: “I didn’t realise you were so unhappy.”

He then reassured them that neither one of them are going to die – he won’t let it happen.

Kevin’s girlfriend Abi then broke into the bistro.

However, she left after assuming the noise was from outside.

Will Kevin and Debbie die on Coronation Street?

Spoilers already reveal that Kevin and Debbie will not die on Coronation Street.

Eventually Abi will return with a crow bar and wrench the door open.

Although she discovers the brother and sister slumped on the floor – they do survive the ordeal.

Rushed to hospital, preview scenes show them recovering from their hospital beds.

kevin and debbie coronation street
Kevin and Debbie fall asleep (Credit: ITV)

And additional spoilers show Abi proposing to Kevin later this week.

In fact, actor Michael Le Vell (who plays Kevin) has even told TV Times that there will be a big wedding coming up for him and Abi.

Michael explained: “Kevin asks Tyrone to be his best man, and then Tim gets very upset, so there’s gonna be a bit of competition. It’s a big summer wedding. Watch this space!”

Sue Devaney signs contract with soap

Meanwhile, actress Sue has signed a new contract with Corrie to play Debbie for another year.

“I absolutely love playing her, and I have just signed a new contract that will take me to April 2022,” she said, according to Metro.

“When I first came back, I never imagined I would be around for that length of time and I am delighted.”

How are viewers reacting to the trapped in a fridge storyline?

Not all Corrie viewers are finding this storyline all that convincing.

In fact, some have expressed their confusion on Twitter.

Many were left wondering if Kevin and Debbie were in a fridge or a freezer.

As their trembling would suggest a freezer, the presence of fresh produce implies a fridge.

abi corrie
Abi will propose to Kevin (Credit: ITV)

One viewer claimed: “The warmest walk-in fridge I’ve ever seen there’s not even any condensation from their breath #Corrie #coronationstreet.”

Another viewer mused: “No realism in this Coronation Street story in the fridge! Commercial fridges have to run at 5c so if the condenser is stopped it won’t get colder.

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“Yet those two stuck in it are acting like they’re in a freezer! Which they aren’t as it’s got oysters & fruit in there.”

And a third viewer pondered: “Watching Corrie on catch up. Why are Kev and Deb freezing to death in a fridge at 3 to 5 degrees? Freezer at – 18 maybe but not a fridge.”

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