Coronation Street Sarah Gary blackmail

Coronation Street: Gary to blackmail Sarah into silence over Callum’s murder?

Callum is still haunting the Platt family

Coronation Street fans think Gary Windass will blackmail Sarah into staying silent about his murdering Rick Neelan.

The killer builder was horrified when Sarah found evidence he had murdered Rick – but still saved her life when she was in danger.

Gary to blackmail Sarah in Coronation Street? (Credit: ITV)

But if saving Sarah’s life isn’t enough to buy her silence then Gary could use information he has against her.

Viewers will remember that Sarah previously confessed the truth about Callum Logan’s death to Gary, telling him how she was there and she helped bury the body under the garage.

He kept her secret – but she has refused to keep his so could he blackmail her into it?

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Fans are convinced Gary will do just that to save himself.

One said on DS Forums: “It’s really bugging me! Surely Sarah would go straight to David and tell him about the situation considering he is the only other person involved and he would tell her to keep her nose out of it or they’ll be in deep trouble?”

Another added: “Yes at some point, I suspect Gary will use that against Sarah to keep her quiet.”

Corrie boss teases Gary blackmailing Sarah

Earlier this year Corrie boss Iain Macleod teased that Gary held all the cards and the story would run and run.

He said: “Gary is aware of Sarah’s role in murdering Callum Logan five years ago, and if she causes him problems he has that up his sleeve.

“That is certainly a part of what we are planning which is currently at script stage.

“Gary is not the only one to have nefariously disposed of a body!”

Iain added: “There are complicated feelings between Sarah and Gary.

“They are irretrievably stuck in each others’ orbits. Her hatred of him masks another layer of feelings beneath the surface.

“She loves Adam, and Gary loves Maria, but I don’t think they will ever really get over each other.

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“There is also a resentment of Sarah as his downfall was her fault in a way, she doesn’t know he killed Rick to protect her but Gary carries that every day.

“The massive secret of what Gary did to Rick will be a large component of what plays out in the show over the rest of this year.”

Even more to come? Sounds exciting!

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