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Coronation Street: Fiz slammed for defending John and victim blaming Rosie

Fiz told Hope about her dad John

Coronation Street fans have slammed Fiz for defending her late serial husband John Stape and blaming Rosie Webster for what John did to her.

Fiz was forced to tell her daughter Hope about her father’s crimes in last night’s episode (Monday, May 23).

She explained how John had an affair with Rosie, who was a teenage schoolgirl at the time, and went on to kidnap her.

But fans weren’t impressed as Fiz appeared to defend John and blamed Rosie for what happened.

John had an affair with Rosie and the kidnapped her (Credit: ITV)

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Coronation Street: Fiz and Hope discovered Phill’s secret

In last night’s scenes Hope stayed off school and was being looked after her mum’s boyfriend Phill.

However after going on Phill’s computer, Hope was upset by something she saw.

She decided to take her anger out on Phill’s car, destroying the windscreen with a digger.

When Phill told Fiz what happened, she returned home with her ex-boyfriend Tyrone, who has been a father figure to Hope.

Tyrone took Hope back to his and she asked if she was bad like her biological dad, John.

She told Tyrone she knew that John did bad things to people and Fiz went to prison.

Tyrone called Fiz to tell her what she found out and she was furious.

Phill admitted that he was looking into doing a book on John Stape and telling it from Fiz’s point of view.

He realised Hope must’ve seen the notes on John that he gathered together.

When Fiz returned to Tyrone’s house, she and Tyrone decided it was time to tell Hope the details of what John did.

Corrie Furious Hope gets in the digger as Phill tries to talk her down
Hope destroyed Phill’s car (Credit: ITV)

Fiz slammed for defending John and victim blaming Rosie

Fiz and Tyrone sat Hope down.

She told Hope how John sold his grandmother’s house and gave Rosie the money as compensation for kidnapping her.

Fiz explained to her daughter that it was a complicated situation because Rosie Webster was “a bit of a strumpet.”

She then told Hope that John only kidnapped Rosie because their affair the year before ruined his teaching career as John was a teacher and Rosie was his 16-year-old pupil.

Hope looked shocked finding out her father had an affair with Rosie when she was still in school.

Fiz told Hope about her dad John and his crimes (Credit: ITV)

Fiz then went on to say that everybody liked John and the real trouble started after going to Colin Fishwick’s leaving party.

Hope started to ask her mum more questions about John, specifically about when he tied up Chesney and tried to take her.

Fiz defended John telling Hope her father did try to take her but he did bring her back.

Fiz said that John finally admitted to all the bad things he’d done before he died.

She then told Hope: “John wasn’t all bad. He helped create you. He was kind, clever and funny.”

Meanwhile Tyrone looked shocked by what Fiz was saying.

Fiz said to her daughter not to read everything she saw online and that all John really want to do was teach.

However fans were shocked that Fiz victim blamed Rosie and defended John for his crimes.

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