Coronation Street fans upset as Peter prioritises Abi over Carla

Peter has been helping Abi

Coronation Street fans were let upset as Peter prioritised Abi over his girlfriend Carla in last night’s episode (Wednesday, August 26).

Last week, Peter spotted Abi stealing morphine from the hospital. Knowing she’s a former addict, he realised immediately she needs help.

In last night’s visit to Weatherfield, Peter desperately tried to help Abi, but ended up lying to Carla about where he was.

When Carla realised, she confronted him and he told her about Abi’s struggle with addiction.

However Carla was concerned and warned Peter that it wasn’t that long ago Abi had feelings for him.

She said: “Peter just be careful okay. You can’t just go around meaning every bird you find with a broken wing. And Abi has had a crush on you and she’s vulnerable. If you start helping her…”

Carla was then interrupted by Peter’s phone ringing.

Carla didn’t look happy as Peter spoke to Abi (Credit: ITV)

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When she realised it was Abi, Carla said: “And so it begins.”

Although she told Peter to accept the call, she looked upset that he prioritised Abi over her.

Carla wasn’t the only one, as fans were also upset by the scenes.

Debbie grows suspicious of Peter and Abi – Is Carla right to be worried?

Later this week, Debbie offers to cook lunch suggesting she and Abi get to know each other better.

But Debbie is suspicious when Abi leaves immediately after eating.

Carla looks like she’s about to cry. I can’t even.

Next week, Abi and Peter return to the cobbles after their meeting and she thanks him for his support.

Peter tries to help Abi (Credit: ITV)

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But Debbie watches from a distance and her suspicions are heightened.

Is she going to get the wrong end of the stick? Will Abi tell Debbie and Kevin about her addiction struggle?

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