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Coronation Street fans question ‘forgotten’ health storylines

David Platt's epilepsy was mentioned last night

Coronation Street fans have questioned ‘forgotten’ health storylines after a mention of David Platt’s epilepsy last night.

As little Oliver Battersby has tests to find out what’s causing his seizures, Nick Tilsley suggested it could be epilepsy.

He then detailed brother David having the condition and told how he sometimes has absences.

Nick explained David’s epilepsy in last night’s Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

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David was disagnosed with epilepsy in 2010, but it has rarely been seen on screen in the past few years.

David’s epilepsy in Coronation Street

After the mention, one fan ranted on Twitter about the storyline. They said that they were “fed up” of Corrie having given David epilepsy “then never mentioning it again”.

They accused the soap of ‘shoehorning seizures in off-camera’.

Someone else was shocked to learn about David’s epilepsy.

Other ‘forgotten’ health battles

Over on a Digital Spy forum, the discussion turned to other characters who’ve made “a full recovery” from various illnesses that seem forgotten about now.

“What about Craig and his OCD? Here we go, I thought – he’ll never get over this and it will haunt him forever.

“He was totally obsessed with light switches and unplugging his kettle etc. I was so worried. But he disappeared for a while and came back totally recovered and seems to have forgotten about it now.”

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Craig suffered bad panic attacks as a result of his OCD (Credit: ITV)

The poster continued: “When I became aware of Chesney’s hyper anxiety and his refusal to leave his home because of panic attacks (and when he did, he totally freaked out like when he was on that bus) I thought ‘poor Ches, how will he ever cope with such a serious affliction’ and thought he would, perhaps, be written out.

“But he disappeared for a short while and is now completely recovered and seems to have forgotten about it.”

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Another agreed: “Storylines just swept under the carpet and never referenced again. It’s incredibly unrealistic and frustrating when they just pretend certain things never happened.”

Someone else joked: “They should really hire the Corrie writing team to cure the Coronavirus. They’re clearly capable of working miracles. It would all be over with and forgotten in time for the next big soap disaster week.”

David off the rails

David’s reckless behaviour is a concern (Credit: ITV)

David is currently acting out as a result of wife Shona’s refusal to see him.

After she was shot at Christmas, a brain injury has left her unable to remember anything about him or her marriage.

She has asked for a divorce and David has taken it badly.

He’s been taking on local thugs to get an adrenaline rush, but copper Craig has caught him out and wants to help.

Can he ease David’s troubles?

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