Coronation Street fans demand more of kebab shop worker Matt

They want a backstory for Matt!

Coronation Street fans have demanded to see more of new character, Dev’s kebab shop employee, Matt.

With Gemma struggling with postnatal depression after the birth of her quads, her fiancé Chesney agreed to take a step back from his job at the kebab shop, where Gemma is also employed

Instead of Chesney coming into work, Gemma’s mum Bernie agreed to take over his job and will give them the money in return for a place to stay.

Gemma and Chesney are both off work (Credit: ITV)

Over the last few episodes, viewers have seen Bernie begin her job at Prima Doner. In last night’s episode (Wednesday, May 13), Cathy quickly grew tired of Bernie’s behaviour.

However the two women soon began to bond and the pair had a sneaky cider whilst they worked.

Later, a never-seen-before character, who went by the name Matt, appeared. Although Matt has been mentioned before, he’s not been seen on-screen.

Matt is also employed by Dev (Credit: ITV)

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As he walked in, a tipsy Bernie said: “Oh you are tall aren’t ya? Our Gemini said you were.”

Cathy soon made an excuse for her and Bernie to leave the shop, stating they were going to see Dev and she left Matt in charge. This confirms he must’ve worked at the takeaway for some time.

Although he was only on screen for a minute or two, viewers are intrigued by the character and want to see more of him.

How many people work at Prima Doner?

Asha also works at the shop part time (Credit: ITV)

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We need kebab man’s backstory.

As well as Cathy, Bernie, Matt, Chesney and Gemma, Dev’s daughter Asha sometimes works in the takeaway.

Will we see more of Matt?

Whilst it hasn’t been confirmed if ‘tall Matt’ will make any more appearances, we can assume with both Chesney and Gemma off work, he will be picking up some shifts.

What type of backstory would you like to see for Matt?

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