Coronation Street begins Geoff’s downfall as Alya changes the locks?

Fans are convinced this is the beginning of the end

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Coronation Street viewers are convinced Geoff’s downfall has begun after Alya changed the locks on the house he shares with Yasmeen.

They are sure she’s now set to find his hidden cameras and prove that he has been abusing his wife all this time.

Geoff is in hospital recovering after Yasmeen lashed out in self-defence and stabbed him in the neck.

Geoff is playing the victim in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

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Meanwhile, Yasmeen is in prison, having been refused bail over the attack.

Alya changes the locks

Alya had the locks changed in Coronation Street to keep Geoff out (Credit: ITV)

On the outside, her granddaughter Alya is doing all she can to prove her gran’s innocence and get Geoff out of her life. That starts with getting Geoff out of Yasmeen’s house.

Alya told boyfriend Ryan she wanted to make sure Yasmeen had her home and business to come back to and therefore she needed to get rid of all traces of Geoff.

Ryan urged caution, sure Geoff the manipulator would turn this to his advantage and accuse Alya of persecuting him. But Alya was resolute: this is the first battle in order to win the war.

Viewers at home are thrilled Alya has taken action.

What do viewers say?

Will Alya find the hidden camera Geoff planted in Coronation Street?

Many are now convinced Alya will find the camera Geoff planted in the house to spy on Yasmeen.

There should be more than enough video footage to exonerate Yasmeen on there.

But will it be that easy?

So far, no one has come across the camera, which has been frustrating fans no end.

Yasmeen, who incessantly cleans on Geoff’s orders, still hasn’t found it. And the police, who supposedly did a thorough search of the house after Geoff was hospitalised, also failed to locate it.

Why is Geoff in hospital in Coronation Street?

On Friday, May 1, Yasmeen finally hit back after months of emotional torture at the hands of her husband.

After the discovery she had chlymadia thanks to Geoff sleeping with escorts, Yasmeen felt sick and was very unwell.

Geoff still made her go out and even forced her to wear a sexy red dress that didn’t fit her.

After Yasmeen discovered Geoff was paying for Tim and Sally’s wedding with her money, Geoff dragged her home, saying she was causing a scene, and laid into her.

Coronation Street Yasmeen kills Geoff?
Yasmeen hit out at Geoff after months of abuse (Credit: ITV)

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He started threatening her with a knife and said he should kill her. A terrified and clearly unwell Yasmeen reacted by smashing a bottle over his head, then using the broken glass to stab him in the neck.

She then called the police and told them she’d killed her husband.

Despite lawyer Imran’s best efforts to free her, she was denied bail over the attack as she had admitted doing it.

Coronation Street continues on Friday, May 15 at 7.30pm on ITV.

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