Coronation Street: Fans mock burglary scenes as Scott fails to disguise his voice

Ray didn't seem to recognise the voice

Coronation Street fans mocked the Bistro burglary scenes in last night’s episodes (Monday, October 26) as Scott failed to disguise is voice and Ray failed to recognise him.

Over the last few weeks, Scott has got close to Ray as he planned to rob him. But things didn’t quite go to plan when Craig Tinker ended up being shot.

In last night’s scenes Scott went ahead with the Bistro robbery after Johnny refused to take part.

Scott robbed the Bistro wearing a mask (Credit: ITV)

The builder went into the building wearing a clown mask and carrying a loaded gun.

As he stormed in, he pointed the gun at Faye yelling: “Everybody stay nice and calm. Get down. Now sit. Now do exactly as I say and no one has to get hurt.”

As they scenes continued, Scott demanded Ray and his friend hand over their cash. As he went to take Faye, holding her at gunpoint, Craig barged in.

Ray and Scott have had multiple conversations (Credit: ITV)

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But as the police officer made an attempt to save his best friend, Scott shot at him and fled the scene.

However, fans were left wondering why Scott didn’t bother to disguise his voice and how Ray didn’t recognise it, considering they have had frequent conversations.

Coronation Street: What’s next for Scott?

Later this week, Johnny finds an old newspaper article about the robbery he and Scott committed over 30 years ago and heads out.

Soon an elderly woman comes to the street and asks Johnny why he was outside her house.

He asks after a man named Grant and Margaret reveals he’s her son. He survived a terrible robbery years ago but it ruined his life and he died an alcoholic.

A woman named Margaret turns up (Credit: ITV)

Johnny is devastated and decides to tell wife Jenny the truth. He reveals he was the getaway driver in a robbery years ago and Jenny is appalled.

The pub landlord tells her Scott robbed the Bistro and tried to force him to be the getaway driver but he refused.

Jenny is furious that Johnny allowed Scott to move into their home. He tells her he’s going to the police, even if it means paying for his past crime.

Johnny tells Jenny about his past (Credit: ITV)

However Scott calls in at the Rovers and tells Emma that he’s leaving for a job in Kent.

Scott points the gun at Jenny

Later, it seems Jenny is prepared to forgive her husband. But Scott soon turns up and tells her how Johnny left a security guard for dead. Jenny’s horrified but none of them notice Emma has overheard.

Scott offers the barmaid £5k for Oliver’s fund in return for her silence. Will she accept it?

Scott points the gun at Jenny (Credit: ITV)

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Meanwhile Johnny opens up about his guilt . He leaves her a note saying he’s going to tell the truth to the police.

As she tries to call him, Scott grabs the phone and points he gun at Jenny. He orders Johnny to come home or he’ll shoot his wife.

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