Coronation Street fans hail dramatic Todd and Billy scenes as 'their best ever on the show'

Coronation Street fans hail dramatic Todd and Billy scenes as ‘outstanding performances’

They had an intense confrontation at the hospital following Summer's collapse

Coronation Street viewers were blown away by Friday night’s electric confrontation between Todd and Billy.

Todd faced rejection from most of Weatherfield during last night’s episodes (Friday July 31), including from his mum Eileen.

But while his boss George offered hope that Todd might be able to win people around if he changes his attitude, ex-fiancé Billy closed down any hope of a reconciliation.

Coronation Street's Todd holds up his hand to show he is still wearing his ring
Coronation Street’s Todd claimed he and Billy have an eternal bond (Credit: Coronation Street YouTube)

Todd saves Summer

After bumping into Aadi and hearing Summer had been suffering with a bad headache, Todd suspected she may be experiencing problems related to her diabetes.

And his hunch was right. After Summer failed to respond, Todd smashed through Billy’s front door to find her sprawled on the kitchen floor.

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Billy seemed to acknowledge how fortunate it was that Todd had been on hand as they waited for news on her condition at hospital.

But Billy also angrily dismissed any idea that Todd was her ‘knight in shining armour’ as he continued to hang around like a bad stink.

Coronation Street's Summer collapses from complications to do with her diabetes
Summer was rushed to hospital (Credit: Coronation Street YouTube)

Todd gets a reality check from Billy in Coronation Street

Billy could barely believe his eyes as he took a moment outside of the hospital and noticed Todd was waiting for an update on Summer’s condition.

Even worse, Todd seemed to think his actions may allow him a way back into Billy’s feelings.

But Billy – already emotional after trying to make amends with wronged Paul in the Rovers – snapped.

Coronation Street's Billy apologises to Paul
Billy tried his best to atone with Paul in the Rovers (Credit: Coronation Street YouTube)

Deluded Todd thinks he and Billy are made for one another

“One day you will give me another chance, I know you will,” an increasingly desperate Todd asserted.

Holding his hand up, he tried to convince Billy: “I’ve still got my ring on.

“And I’m not taking it off because you and me, we’re soulmates.”

But Billy furiously demanded Todd shut up in an intense climax to their dramatic scenes together.

I will never forgive you for this. Never.

“You can’t help yourself, can you?” Billy seethed.

“Just take some responsibility for what you’ve done.

“You’ve broken my heart. And Summer’s. And I will never forgive you for this. Never.”

Coronation Street's Paul rolls his eyes
Paul is still struggling to get over it all (Credit: Coronation Street YouTube)

How Coronation Street fans reacted to scenes between Todd and Billy

Many of those watching at home commented on social media about just how impressed they were.

“I loved that scene with Todd and George,” one person tweeted.

“Their best work on the programme so far #Corrie.”

Another wrote: “Heartbreaking and brilliant scenes tonight with Todd, Billy, Summer, George and Eileen.”

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A third agreed: “Have to say this Todd and Billy angst is brilliant.

“Billy’s pain is horrible but so real, great acting Dan. They always do angst soo well.”

And someone else echoed that thought by tagging in actors Daniel Brocklebank and Gareth Pierce: “Outstanding performances @Dan_Brocklebank @GarPierce.”

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