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Coronation Street fans furious as episode finishes just as Yasmeen is about to reveal her plea

She's in court for attempted murder

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Coronation Street viewers went wild as last night’s episode (Monday, June 8) finished just as Yasmeen was about to reveal her plea.

Yasmeen is facing an attempted murder charge after stabbing her abusive husband Geoff in self-defence

Meanwhile Geoff is back on the cobbles making out Yasmeen was the abuser.

But in last night’s episode, Yasmeen’s granddaughter Alya paid her a visit before her plea hearing. She begged her to tell the truth in court about Geoff’s abuse.

Geoff has been abusing Yasmeen for months (Credit: ITV)

As she sat down with Alya, Yasmeen finally opened up and told her about the abuse Geoff had put her through.

She revealed that Geoff had killed her pet chicken Charlotte and fed it to her and forced her to clean constantly.

As Alya listened, it became clear Geoff had brainwashed his wife into believing no one cared about her and she was useless.

Alya wanted Yasmeen to plead not guilty (Credit: ITV)

After hearing about the extent of the abuse her gran had been through, Alya begged her to plead not guilty and expose Geoff for the abuser that he is.

Going to court

Later, Yasmeen appeared in court without viewers knowing what she had decided to do.

Yasmeen stood in court ready to say her plea (Credit: ITV)

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As it was read out what charge Yasmeen was facing along with why she was being charged, Yasmeen started to hear Geoff’s abusive words.

She was asked to enter her plea, but the episode cut out leaving it on a cliffhanger and viewers went wild.

Coronation Street: What happens next?

In this week’s episodes, it is revealed that Yasmeen does plead not guilty to Alya’s delight.

I knew they’d leave it on a cliffhanger!

Back on the Street, Geoff is furious to hear about Yasmeen’s plea. He tells Tim they need to show a united front.

Geoff’s story doesn’t add up to residents (Credit: ITV)

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Meanwhile Sally is becoming increasingly convinced that Geoff’s story doesn’t add up. Sally tells Tim she wants Geoff out, forcing him back to No.6.

Tim feels bad but when Eileen says she also isn’t sure about Geoff’s side of things, he starts to wonder if his father really is innocent.

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