Coronation Street: Fans devastated as Ken reveals to Peter he attempted suicide

Peter is currently in hospital

Coronation Street fans were left devastated as Ken revealed to his son Peter than he attempted suicide.

Recently Peter started drinking again and in Monday’s episode (December 28) he was rushed into hospital after he began coughing up blood.

At the hospital, the doctor told Peter he noticed he had a history of varices, which are blood vessels in the oesophagus.

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Peter began to cough up blood (Credit: ITV)

They are caused by scarring of the liver which can be caused by alcohol.

The doctor revealed to Peter it was a possibility he had liver failure. Peter begged his half-brother Daniel, who was at the hospital with him, not to tell anyone about his condition.

However in last night’s episode (Wednesday, December 30), Adam ignored Daniel’s advice and told Ken about Peter’s health.

Coronation Street: Ken paid Peter a visit in hospital

Ken went to visit Peter in the hospital and overheard his son say that his liver damage.

Peter told his dad that after years of self abuse, it was time to accept that he was dying and didn’t have the energy to keep going anymore.

Peter told Ken he didn’t have the energy to keep going anymore (Credit: ITV)

However Ken told Peter he wouldn’t let him give up, revealing he has had low points.

He said to Peter: “There was a time when I didn’t want to go on. I wanted to end it.”

Ken continued: “New Year’s Eve, 1990. 30 years ago tomorrow. I was a mess. I’d lost everything – my business, my wife. And I knew it was all my fault. I’d done it to myself. My affair with Wendy Crozier just poisoned everything.

When Peter asked Ken what happened, he explained: “Well I had a bottle of pills and I laid them all out. And I was gonna take them. I’d swallowed three when Bet Gilroy came in and stopped me. And I’ve thanked God every day since that she did.”

Ken told Peter how he attempted to end his own life 30 years ago (Credit: ITV)

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Ken said he never told anybody till now. He said to Peter that if he’d given up, he wouldn’t missed so many wonderful things in his life such as having Daniel, reuniting with Deirdre and meeting his grandchildren Simon and Amy.

The scenes left devastated viewers in floods of tears.

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