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Coronation Street fans demand cast cull to axe ‘boring’ characters

Fans want a producer to take an axe to the cast

Coronation Street fans are demanding a cast cull to axe boring characters.

The ITV soap has almost 100 regular and recurring characters on the show – with more joining each week.

But with the pandemic restricting how many people can appear in an episode safely, fans think it’s time for a clear out.

And they want the characters they don’t like axed in a blood bath.

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The cast has almost 100 actors in it (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street fans call for cast cull

Writing on Digital Spy Forums, one said: “It seems like ages since they’ve had a proper cull.

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“We need another.”

It’s been long overdue with Corrie by at least five years.

A second said: “Corrie, more than most, too many characters in the show that do nothing, add nothing and we’re not needed to be cast in the first place.

“Instead of cringe writing making them look and act incredibly thick and stupid they should just be axed.

“But Corrie insists on keeping these irritants around.”

Corrie fans want a blood bath axe

“It’s been long overdue with Corrie by at least 5 years,” said a third.

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“They could quite easily get rid of 10-15 characters who bring nothing.”

Coronation Street fans have called for the axe of their least favourite characters (Credit: ITV)

Another added: “There are characters I would happily see the back of in Corrie who are just covering the same old ground all the time and have been written into a corner they seem unable to get out of.

“And there are those who never get any screen time or storylines worth talking about!!

“There are others among the newer ones who never have worked for me and I would happily see the back of them too!!

“Trouble is my idea of clapped-out characters and ones who have never worked doesn’t always seem to tie in with other posters’ choices!! Lol!!”

Who do the viewers want axed?

Well… it appears no one is safe when it comes to who the viewers want to see the back of.

Names in their frame include Sean Tully, Fiz Brown, Kirk Sutherland, Gemma, Chesney and their kids and Nick and Leanne.

Do you agree? Who would you axe from the cast?

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