Coronation Street fans cheer as Elaine Jones takes revenge on Geoff Metcalfe and testifies for Yasmeen

She found the strength to stand up against her bully

Coronation Street fans have cheered as Elaine Jones found the strength to take revenge on her ex Geoff Metcalfe.

The first wife of the abuser bravely stood up in court to testify on behalf of Yasmeen Metcalfe at her attempted murder trial.

Geoff watched enraged as Elaine Jones exposed him in court (Credit: ITV)

And despite coming under brutal treatment by the prosecutor, Elaine stood her ground.

She told the barrister: “You know even though you’re a woman, you’re very like him – putting words into my mouth.

“Telling me how I behave and how I feel. Well like him you’re wrong.

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“I believe that Yasmeen was fearing for her life on the night of the attack.

“Just like I’ve spent a lifetime living in fear of that man. But I’m not afraid anymore, so please stop putting words into my mouth.”

She added: “We concocted nothing, we’ve simply told our truths. There’s really nothing more to be said.”

Elaine dealt with the smug prosecutor magnificently (Credit: ITV)

Corrie fans were delighted by the scenes and cheered Elaine on.

One said: “Wow just wow. Well done Elaine and Yasmeen. Never get on Elaine’s bad side #Corrie.”

“Elaine clapping back at the prosecuting attorney #Corrie,” said a second.

Another tweeted: “#Corrie I literally jumped to my feet and cheered when Elaine spoke her mind to the prosecution barrister! Yes yes!!”

A fourth said: “@itvcorrie Elaine after finally standing up against Geoff and giving his barrister what for #Corrie.”

Yasmeen’s trial verdict will be reached next week (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street to reveal Yasmeen verdict next week after Elaine Jones gives evidence

The soap will reveal the verdict next week in time for the 60th anniversary episode on Wednesday December 9.

It will also feature Geoff’s comeuppance – and fans think he is a goner.

The soap has confirmed a dramatic rooftop battle between Alya and Geoff after he tries to set the house on fire.

But could someone finally kill Geoff?

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Fans on DS Forums certainly think so, with one saying: “He’ll ‘fall’ off the roof top.”

A second insisted: “He’s being killed and most likely dumped in the Platts’ sinkhole.”

“I think he’ll end up dead – how else would Yasmeen get her house and life on the Street back, and there’s no redemption for Geoff,” said another.

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