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Lisa George: Coronation Street star reveals mini-stroke left her half-blind in one eye

She's been shielding for a lot of the year, too

Coronation Street star Lisa George has opened up about nearly losing the sight in one eye and going half-blind.

The actress suffered a haemorrhage in her right eye four years ago in an undisclosed incident.

That apparently led to the soap favourite, currently shielding away from Weatherfield’s cobbled set, to go half-blind.

The 50-year-old said she was told by medics she’d had a mini-stroke.

Lisa George at Katie McGlynn's leaving party
Lisa George is half-blind in her right eye (Credit: Aaron Parfitt /

What did Coronation Street star Lisa George say?

However, Lisa also recalls being injured by a rope – which another doctor believes to be the cause of her condition.

She recalled to The Sun: “I haemorrhaged behind my optic nerve four years ago and I’m half-blind in my right eye, they said it was like a stroke but also I got hit in the eye with a bit of rope.”

I’m half-blind in my right eye.

The Beth Sutherland actress also described how the injury has affected her, indicating she has lost her peripheral vision.

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Coincidentally, she later discovered one doctor that had treated her was the father of her Dancing On Ice pro partner.

Lisa George partnered with Tom Naylor on DOI
Lisa George suffered several injuries during her time on Dancing On Ice (Credit: DOI YouTube)

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Lisa explained how she realised Tom Naylor’s dad had been her ophthalmologist in Blackpool when she described him as bald.

She also joked about how unlikely it was she should’ve encountered her skating reality series pro’s family three years before they first met!

And although Lisa loved appearing on DOI earlier this year, she admits she wasn’t fond of getting hurt.

Lisa George’s catalogue of Dancing On Ice injuries

Not only did her skating boots hurt her heels, her ankles also suffered as they were used and twisted in new ways. She also endured blisters and popped muscles as part of the gruelling training.

Lisa also bruised her ribs, dislocated her knee and fell on her knee so hard she believed she’d broken it. The accumulated pain meant she couldn’t even lay down.

“I had to have four months of physiotherapy afterwards and they wouldn’t sign me off because I couldn’t walk in my knee,” she said.

Nonetheless, Lisa adored taking part.

Lisa George as Beth Tinker in Corrie
Lisa George hasn’t been seen much on Coronation Street this year (Credit: Corrie YouTube)

Due to her type 2 diabetes, Lisa has been shielding from coronavirus at home for six months. However, she did make appearances on the Street in September and October.

According to The Sun, she’s not due back for filming until well into 2021.

Her handful of recent scenes mean she has experienced the changes associated with TV production, however. She found putting on her makeup without assistance the most difficult aspect.

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