Coronation Street Faye and Ray rape

Coronation Street SPOILERS: Faye makes rape threat to Ray

Everyone in Weatherfield is learning what a snake he is

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Coronation Street spoilers for December 14 – 18 episodes reveal Faye will accuse Ray of attempted rape.

Viewers already know that the Bistro boss has been grooming the teenager.

He flattered her by promoting her to trainee manager across his businesses and lured her to one of his hotels on the pretence of tasting new wines for the establishment.

Coronation Street Faye makes rape threat to Ray
Ray has wormed his way round Faye by promoting her (Credit: ITV)

Ray manipulated Faye into bed

But when Faye arrived at the hotel room, Ray was wearing his bathrobe and he invited Faye to have a bath with him!

The next scene, Faye was apparently naked in his bed and Ray advised they keep it secret: they are both grown-ups.

Now it seems Ray will attempt to force himself on his employee.

Coronation Street Faye and Ray rape
Ray confronts Faye (Credit: ITV)

Faye accuses Ray of attempted rape

Faye decides to quit her job, but won’t tell Tim and Sally her reason for doing so.

Later, in the Street garden, Faye accuses Ray of attempted rape.

Maria overhears and urges her to report him so the police can get to him before Gary can.

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When Gary discovers the truth he brands Ray a sex pest and refuses to work with him on the development.

Ray’s plans to bulldoze the street are already looking a little sketchy as the residents and revolting.

He and business associate Debbie argue over how to proceed and he puts her in her place in no uncertain terms.

Coronation Street Faye and Ray rape
Maria is appalled by what she overhears (Credit: ITV)

With more and more eyes opening to exactly what Ray is capable of, surely it’s just a matter of time before someone takes him down?

There are plenty of people with motive not – not least Gary, who we know is capable of killing.

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