Coronation Street: Fans beg for soap to put Craig and Faye together after he saved her life

Craig appears to have feelings for Faye

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Coronation Street fans have begged for the soap to put Craig and Faye together after he saved her life.

Craig and Faye have been good friends for many years. However it seems recently Craig has started to develop a crush on his best friend, but she is currently in a relationship with someone else.

In Monday’s episodes of Corrie (October 26) Faye was held at gunpoint by Scott, who was hidden behind a mask. Scott decided to rob the Bistro and planned to take Faye as a hostage until he got away.

Scott pointed the gun at Faye, but Craig stepped in to save her (Credit: ITV)

After hearing about the robbery on the police radio, police officer Craig went into the Bistro.

As he tried to talk Scott down, he got out his police baton. But Scott ended up shooting Craig before fleeing the scene.

Craig got shot. Afterwards Scott fled the scene (Credit: ITV)

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Seeing Craig protect Faye, fans have begged for the soap to make them a couple.

Will Craig and Faye get together?

Whilst it hasn’t been revealed whether Craig and Faye will definitely get together, next week it’s revealed Faye is dumped by her boyfriend.

In next week’s scenes, Sally tells the family that Faye’s new boyfriend is coming around. But Debbie Webster suggests they throw a garden party to to christen Sally’s new chimenea.

Geoff tries to ruin the party. But later, Faye is dumped by text (Credit: ITV)

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However, as Sally and Tim await the arrival of Faye’s boyfriend, Geoff comes out with his boogie box and is determined to ruin their good time.

Soon arguments kick off between Tim, Sally and Geoff. Later, a tearful Faye pours her heart out to Craig after being dumped by text.

Will he be able to cheer her up?

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