Coronation Street fan theory suggests Arthur is Tyrone’s grandfather!

Arthur and Evelyn dated before she married her late husband Harold

A new Coronation Street fan theory has suggested Arthur Medwin could be Tyrone’s grandfather.

A few months ago, viewers were introduced to newcomer Arthur, who is a man from Evelyn’s past.

It was revealed Arthur and Evelyn had a relationship when they were younger. However circumstances led to the pair not seeing each other again and Evelyn went on to marry a man named Harold.

Could Tyrone be related to Arthur? (Credit: ITV)

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Together Harold and Evelyn had a daughter named Cassandra. Harold died in June of 1982 and in the December of that year, Cassandra gave birth to Tyrone.

However fans now believe that Arthur could have been the father of Cassandra, making him Tyrone’s grandfather.

What do you think?

Tyrone’s family background

Cassandra died in South Africa prior to 2018. Meanwhile Tyrone didn’t know about the Plummer family until 2018.

What are the chances that Arthur turns out to be Tyrone’s grandad?

His whole life, Tyrone had been raised by Jackie Dobbs. But after she died, Tyrone learnt Jackie wasn’t his mum.

Tyrone found his grandmother in 2018 (Credit: ITV)

He had been abandoned shortly after being born. Tyrone eventually managed to track down Evelyn whilst looking for Cassandra. But Evelyn gave him the news Cassandra had died.

He soon struck up a relationship with Evelyn, moving her into his house on the cobbles.

It was later revealed that it was Evelyn who had left Tyrone on the doorstep of the police station. She explained she didn’t think her daughter was capable of looking after a baby.

Although the news was a devastating blow to Tyrone, the pair soon made up.

What’s next for Evelyn and Arthur?

Evelyn and Arthur are rekindling their romance (Credit: ITV)

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Over the last few weeks Evelyn and Arthur have been on a few dates. Most recently, Tyrone enjoyed winding up his grandmother after thinking Arthur spent the night.

But will we find out more about Arthur’s past? Could there be something to this theory?

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