Coronation Street star Julia Goulding reveals Shona Platt is ‘saved’ by Roy Cropper

Shona pays a visit to the Platt house

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Coronation Street star Julia Goulding has revealed who saves Shona Platt as she becomes overwhelmed upon her return to the Street.

Over Christmas Shona was shot. Although she survived the ordeal, she went into a coma and when she woke up was unable to remember her life with husband David.

Shona went to a rehabilitation centre and demanded a divorce from David. However she will soon visit the cobbles, but when it all becomes a bit too much she runs off.

Coronation Street viewers in tears as David is told Shona is brain dead
Shona lost a lot of her memories when she woke up (Credit: ITV)

Shona and Roy

Speaking to Entertainment Daily and other press at a virtual conference, Julia revealed who comes to Shona’s aid.

“We know Shona and Roy had a great friendship and she bolts out of the Platt house when she goes to visit – it’s too overwhelming.

“She has a look around to try and jog her memory – she ends up at the back of Roy’s and he finds her. He knows it’s Shona and what she’s suffering with so he invites her in for a cup of tea and a cookie.

Shona worked at Roy’s cafe before the shooting (Credit: ITV)

“And she warms to this new guy who’s warm and a little odd. Is there something there inherent that she knows Roy is okay or does she think he is a bit of a weirdo? He’s very unthreatening.

“Everyone is feeding her so much information but Roy is gentle with her and he doesn’t barge in and say ‘I’m Roy, you know me!’ and lets her find her own way.

“That’s really important in her development and her overcoming this.”

Coronation Street's Roy Cropper devastated after mum's death
Roy comes across Shona (Credit: ITV)

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What happens in next week’s Coronation Street?

David returns home from another run but Gail is worried he’s pushing himself too hard.

But when he hears Shona is going to visit Clayton in prison he’s furious and goes out once again. David approaches some youths and purposely shoves them before stamping on their bike. David sprints away as the group chase him.

Meanwhile a confused Shona goes to see her criminal son and admits she only remembers him as a little boy.

Shona goes to see Clayton in prison (Credit: ITV)

Shona’s key worker listens in horror as Clayton tries to poison his mum’s mind against David.

As David is being chased by the angry youths he finds himself cornered in an alleyway. Just as he prepares for a beating a police car pulls up and the angry mob scatters.

Having been released without charge, David tells Craig he’s learnt his lesson and won’t be looking for any more trouble.

David upsets a group of youths (Credit: ITV)

Hearing about David’s behaviour, Sarah tries to help and goes to visit Shona. She begs her to come home and give David a chance.

After a call from Shona’s key worker, David announces Shona wants to visit but doesn’t want David to be there.

Shona comes back to the cobbles

Shona is confused at her visit (Credit: ITV)

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Shona visits Gail and Sarah at the Platt home but she’s clearly confused and can’t recognise Sarah’s son Harry at all.

However when she helps make drinks she instinctively knows where the tea bags are kept. Gail is thrilled by the flicker of recognition.

Whilst Gail and Sarah discuss Shona’s progress with Alice, Shona wanders out to the garden. She soon disappears…

Next week Coronation Street is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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