Coronation Street: Does Craig Tinker die after being shot?

Residents don't know it was Scott who shot Craig

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Coronation Street viewers saw Craig Tinker get badly hurt in tonight’s episodes (Monday, October 26). But does he die after being shot?

In tonight’s visit to Weatherfield, Scott went ahead with the Bistro robbery without Johnny. After seeing Scott had brought a gun to use, Johnny immediately backed out.

Scott pointed the gun at Faye (Credit: ITV)

After being knocked out, Johnny came to and reported the burglary to the police. And after hearing about the robbery on the radio, Craig decided to go in without backup in order to save his best friend Faye.

As the police officer snuck into the back of the Bistro, a masked Scott held Faye at gunpoint.

But Craig came in through the kitchen door and told the masked gunman that the best thing he could do was give himself up. But as Scott was distracted, Craig got out his police baton.

Craig was shot by Scott (Credit: ITV)

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Scott soon saw Craig’s action and at shot him. As Craig grabbed at his injury, it was clear he had been hit.

Craig was soon put into an ambulance. Although he seemed to be okay at first, he soon fell unconscious, leaving Faye terrified.

Coronation Street: Does Craig Tinker die after being shot?

Coronation Street seem to be staying quiet on what’s next for Craig.

Craig’s mum, Beth, seemed to be hopeful that the police officer will survive.

Later in the hospital, Faye, Craig’s mum Beth and his stepdad Kirk, all waited in the hospital waiting room.

Craig saved Faye’s life (Credit: ITV)

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Although Faye was terrified for her friend, Beth said to the waitress: “There’s every chance Craig is going to be just fine. That’s what the doctors said isn’t it? So we’ve no need think the worse.”

But it looks like we will have to wait till Wednesday’s episode (October 28) to find out Craig’s fate.

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