Coronation Street SPOILERS: Gary sets his sights on Yasmeen’s house

Gary is working with Ray

Coronation Street spoilers reveal Gary tries to convince Alya and Imran to sell Yasmeen’s house. But will they go through with it?

Gary recently teamed up with Ray Crosby. The former loan shark was given the task of convincing residents to sell their houses and this week, he sets his sights on No.6 Coronation Street.

Imran tells Alya that Yasmeen may need to sell her house (Credit: ITV)

In the upcoming scenes, Imran suggests to Alya that they may have to sell Yasmeen’s house in order to pay off her legal fees.

However Gary overhears the conversation and quickly chips in. He offers to put them in touch with a local developer.

Gary offers to put them in touch with a local developer (Credit: ITV)

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As viewers know, Gary convinced David Platt to sell his house to Ray’s property friend, Roxy, on the condition he could rent the place back. But unbeknownst to David, Ray plans to use the land for something else.

Coronation Street: Alya makes a discovery about Yasmeen and Geoff

Later, Alya decides to run a credit check on Yasmeen and is shocked to see a series of loans have been taken out in her name.

Yasmeen admits that Geoff most likely duped her into signing the forms and not only that, she signed half the house over to him.

Yaseen signed over half of the house to Geoff (Credit: ITV)

Imran reckons the only way they can fund Yasmeen’s trial is if they can convince Geoff to sell the house and use Yasmeen’s share of the money.

Alya gets to work, however it’s clear Geoff has no intention of selling the house and enjoys winding Alya up.

She quizzes him about the loans but he says it’s all down to Yasmeen.

Geoff has no intention of selling the house (Credit: ITV)

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Later, Alya follows Geoff after overhearing him arrange a date. But she’s shocked when he meets a little old lady named Doris from the hospital radio. Soon a police officer warns Alya that Geoff has made a complaint for harassment.

Later, Geoff meets with his new girlfriend at a swanky hotel, pleased he got one over on Alya.

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