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William and Kate interrupt all UK radio stations with important announcement

The royals are supporting Mental Health Awareness Week

Prince William and wife Kate interrupted all UK radio stations earlier today (May 13) to make a special announcement.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took over the airwaves to share an important message about mental health.

The couple’s Mental Health Minute came as part of Mental Health Awareness Week.

William and Kate walking side by side
William and Kate interrupted 500 radio stations earlier today for an announcement (Credit: Splash News)

William and Kate make special announcement

The royals took over more than 500 radio stations today, reaching an estimated 20 million listeners.

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In the first of its kind recording, the pair spoke for one minute about loneliness.

These small acts of kindness can make a big difference and help us all feel less lonely.

They also apologised for interrupting programming!

Duchess of Cambridge smiling wearing blue
The royals were in Glasgow earlier this week (Credit: Splash News)

William and Kate radio transcript in full

Kate: “Hello. I’m Catherine.”

William: “And I’m William and we’d like to talk.”

Kate: “For just one minute about loneliness.”

William: “We’re all in different places right now.”

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Kate: “Not just physically but mentally.”

William: “And we can all feel lonely sometimes.”

Kate: “No matter who – or where – we are.”

William: “We can feel it for many different reasons.”

Kate: “But we can all help each other feel less isolated and more connected.”

William: “The past two years have really reminded us of the importance of human relationships.”

Kate: “So, if you think someone you know might be feeling lonely, just give them a ring, send them a text or knock on their door.”

William: “Maybe suggest meeting for a cup of tea or a walk.”

Kate: “Because these small acts of kindness can make a big difference and help us all feel less lonely.”

William: “So, apologies for interrupting every radio station in the country.”

Kate: “But if we interrupt the lives of those who are feeling alone.”

William: “We can help lift them out of loneliness.”

Brits react to announcement

A clip of the announcement was posted online, with royal fans rushing to praise the couple.

One said: “You are both truly inspirational. What a fantastic idea to interrupt all radio stations simultaneously to get across your message of help and hope. Yet again you are at the heart of us all. Thank you for being you.”

A second echoed their comments and said: “Loved it. Such an important message. And you’re so right that those little acts of kindness and thought mean so much much those struggling with their mental health or who are lonely.”

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