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Why Meghan Markle and Prince Harry waited so long to share their miscarriage heartache

Meghan bravely told her story in a provocative essay...

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Meghan Markle stunned the world last week when she revealed that she had suffered a miscarriage.

The actress turned Duchess of Sussex, 39, penned a poignant essay for The New York Times, in which she shared her heartbreaking news.

Revealing that she lost her unborn child in July, a source close to her and Harry says there is an important reason why she waited so long to share her tragic story with the world.

Apparently, the heartbreak was simply too much for both her and Harry, 36, and they needed time alone to process.

prince harry and meghan markle
Meghan Markle wrote about her miscarriage heartbreak for a NYT Times opinion piece (Credit: SplashNews)

What has Meghan Markle said about her miscarriage?

And neither were initially sure if they would ever divulge their sorrow with others.

The source told People magazine: “They kept their miscarriage private for months because it was very painful and not anything that they knew if they would ever want to share.”

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Before adding: “They both seemed shocked at how painful it was. Meghan was ready to share now because so many women go through the same thing in silence.”

Indeed, within Meghan’s highly praised article, she reveals both her and Harry’s pain.

prince harry and meghan markle
Meghan wrote of both hers and Harry’s heartache (Credit: SplashNews)

Could this terrible news bring Prince Harry and Prince William back together?

She wrote of how she was rushed to hospital after experiencing horrendous cramps.

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She wrote: “Hours later, I lay in a hospital bed, holding my husband’s hand. I felt the clamminess of his palm and kissed his knuckles, wet from both our tears. Staring at the cold white walls, my eyes glazed over. I tried to imagine how we’d heal.”

Later explaining: “Sitting in a hospital bed, watching my husband’s heart break as he tried to hold the shattered pieces of mine, I realized that the only way to begin to heal is to first ask, “Are you OK?”

prince harry prince william
Could their sad news help heal the brotherly ‘rift’? (Credit: SplashNews)

Since her essay was published, it has been widely reported that both Prince William and Kate Middleton have reached out.

And royal expert Katie Nicholls says this tragic event could help heal the alleged rift between Harry and William.

Speaking to OK! magazine, Katie said: “I don’t know if the royal family were aware she was set to go public with this but they would think it was a hugely brave thing to do.

“I do think a situation like this is what will help heal rifts and bring the family back together. Hard times like this encourage communication.”

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