princess diana and prince charles

Paul Burrell says The Crown’s portrayal of Prince Charles’ cruelty to Princess Diana is accurate

He says Prince Charles was always cold towards Princess Diana...

Paul Burrell has delivered his verdict on The Crown’s portrayal of Princess Diana.

And he says much of it is accurate. Especially, he says, the treatment of Prince Charles towards Princess Diana.

Paul was The Princess of Wales’ butler for some ten years, and they formed a close friendship.

And he says that the cruel ways in which Prince Charles treats Lady Di in The Crown, is unfortunately similar to what he saw.

Speaking to The Sun, Paul said: “He [Prince Charles] was married to probably the most beautiful woman in the world.

emma corrin and josh o'connor
Emma Corrin and Josh O’Connor as Princess Diana and Prince Charles in The Crown (Credit: SplashNews)

What has Paul Burrell said about Princess Diana in The Crown?

“But he didn’t look after her, and that’s what comes across in The Crown.

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“Diana said to me, ‘I thought when I got married that my husband would be there for me, to care for me, to support me, to encourage me, but he isn’t’.”

He went on to say that the way in which Princess Diana’s popularity on the Australia tour eclipsed Charles’ – definitely irked The Prince of Wales.

And he was indeed jealous of The People’s Princess’ overwhelming popularity and stardom.

He also said that the portrayal of Diana’s secret bulimia battle was spot on.

paul burrell
Former royal butler Paul Burrell is a big fan of The Crown (Credit: SplashNews)

Does Paul recognise any inaccuracies in The Crown?

Sadly, he said Diana told him she was even sick on her wedding night.

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But the former butler highlighted some aspects of The Crown he believes to be inaccurate.

For one, he says that Princess Diana had no say in choosing her engagement ring. But rather Prince Charles and The Queen chose it together.

And he also says that he believes The Queen and Prince Philip have shared a bed for much of their marriage.

princess diana and prince charles
Paul claims Prince Charles didn’t look after Princess Diana properly (Credit: SplashNews)

What’s more, Paul always found their relationship to be a close and happy one. And not the strained and formal arrangement as portrayed on the hit show.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Lorraine Kelly earlier this month, he insisted that much of The Crown is ‘the truth.’

Speaking on ITV’s Lorraine, Paul said: “It’s a peak behind the doors of Buckingham Palace, that perhaps the palace don’t want you to see because this is the truth in many ways.

“It’s a fair and accurate dramatisation of what happened.”

He also praised Emma Corrin’s depiction of Princess Diana: “It’s her… and her mannerisms and the way she talks, and I’m feeling it again, her personality being dismantled behind the scenes by these people who don’t really care.”

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