where will prince Philip be buried

What the Queen and royal family are doing directly following the funeral of Prince Philip

His coffin was lowered into the royal vault on live TV

Following the funeral of Prince Philip, many will now be wondering where he will be buried.

The Duke of Edinburgh‘s final farewell took place this afternoon (April 17).

It was attended by just 30 members of the royal family and three of Philip’s German relatives due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Prince Philip will be buried in the royal vault where other members of the royal family lay in rest (Credit: Sky News)

Where will Prince Philip be buried?

Those watching the funeral of Prince Philip will have seen the Dean of Windsor give the commendation as the coffin was lowered down through the floor of the chapel.

It’s the very first time such an act has ever been seen on TV.

The coffin was being lowered in to the royal vault – and it’s here that Philip’s lead-lined coffin will rest until the death of the Queen.

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Philip will be the 25th royal buried in the royal vault.

Viewers at home said they weren’t ready to see the coffin lowered as they watched on TV.

I wasn’t ready for the coffin to just be lowered out of sight like that,” said one emotional viewer.

Another posted a crying emoji and added: “When the piper walked in to the distance as the coffin lowered in to the ground.”

A third said: “Seeing the coffin lowered to the vault is worse than seeing a coffin lowered into a grave. If that was my grandfather I would be a blubbering wreck.”

Philip funeral
The royal family watched as the coffin was lowered (Credit: Sky News)

Prince Philip funeral: Who else is buried in the vault?

Within the chapel beneath St George’s Chapel are tombs of 10 monarchs.

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As well as George VI, the remains of Edward IV, Henry VI, Henry VIII, his third wife Jane Seymour, Charles I, George III, George IV, William IV, Edward VII and George V are all laid to rest there.

Other notable royals laid to rest there include Queen Victoria’s father Prince Edward.

However, Prince Philip’s body won’t rest in the underground chapel forever.

What will happen when the Queen dies?

When the monarch dies, Philip’s coffin will be moved and buried alongside hers.

The coffins – both of which will be lead-lined – will lie together forever at the King George VI Memorial Chapel.

Here they will join the Queen’s parents, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

prince Philip funeral
It’s the first time a coffin has been lowered into the crypt on live TV (Credit: Sky News)

What will happen after the funeral?

After the poignant funeral service, the royal family departed St George’s Chapel, which sits in the grounds of Windsor Castle.

The family then returned to the State Apartments at Windsor Castle.

During the walk, brothers Princes William and Harry could be seen chatting.

The Duchess of Cambridge, meanwhile, walked alongside them.

Prince Harry is expected to fly home to his pregnant wife Meghan Markle shortly after the funeral.

The Duchess and Duchess of Cambridge will also doubtless head back to their children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

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