Prince William and Prince Harry

What Prince William and Prince Harry’s tributes to Philip really mean

Both paid tribute to their late grandfather on Monday

Prince William and Prince Harry paid tribute to their grandfather Prince Philip yesterday following his death.

The Duke of Edinburgh died at Windsor Castle on Friday (April 9) at the age of 99.

The Duke of Cambridge issued a statement on Monday as he praised Philip’s service to “his country and Commonwealth, to his wife and Queen and to our family”.

He also said he and wife Kate Middleton will continue to support the Queen in the years ahead.

Prince Harry and Prince William
Harry and William both paid tribute to their grandfather (Credit:

Prince William and Harry’s tributes to Prince Philip

William concluded his statement: “I will miss my Grandpa, but I know he would want us to get on with the job.”

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Meanwhile, Harry focused less on duty in his statement and described his grandfather as a “master of the barbecue” and a “legend of banter”.

In addition, the Duke of Sussex thanked his “Grandpa” for his “service, your dedication to Granny, and for always being yourself”.

Prince William
William’s statement “full of honour and duty” (Credit: /

What the two statements really mean

Now, broadcaster and communications coach Jon Briggs has decoded the statements and revealed what they really mean.

Mr Briggs exclusively told Entertainment Daily!: “It is already well known that the two Princes are on different paths.

“Prince William’s statement is full of honour and duty, in full knowledge that as his father Prince Charles is now the head of the family.

“So he too steps up in seniority within the ranks.

“The words used are sympathetic with the notion that this is a family and household on public show who have a job to do..

“..and the lineage carries on as it has done for hundreds of years.”

Prince Harry and Philip
Harry’s tribute “outward looking” and “jovial” (Credit:

He continued: “Prince Harry on the other hand is much more jovial and references The Duke’s wit and charm (something that Harry possesses in abundance)…

“…and even goes on to ‘quote’ what his grandfather might very accurately have said in response to the high level of media attention surrounding his death.

“Harry is entirely at ease with the more familiar ‘Grandpa’ and ‘Granny’ whereas William refers to ‘The Queen’.

“Harry also mentions the fact that many other people will have lost a senior member of their family during the last 12 months, identifying with the general public.

The Queen and Prince Philip
Both Harry and William thanked their grandfather for his service and dedication to the Queen (Credit:

Both Prince William and Harry speak about their wives

“So his statement is a more outward looking one, perhaps reflecting his new found place living outside royal circles.

“Both William and Harry mention their wives.

“William remarking that Prince Philip showed great kindness to Catherine (not uncommonly as it is widely recognised that he also tried to help Diana knowing that the Royal Family is not an easy establishment to become a part of).

“However, Harry can only state that Meghan will remember his grandfather…

“…as there is little doubt that she is unlikely to miss him and there was not much love lost between her and Prince Philip.”

prince Philip smiling
Philip passed away on Friday at Windsor Castle (Credit:

What do the statements show overall?

Mr Briggs concluded: “Overall these two statements illustrate the two very different roles that the two Princes now have.

“And which the Duke’s death only serves to reinforce.

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“One filled with duty and solemnity that almost creates a direct comparison between William and Kate and his grandparents – to serve come what may.

“And the other from Harry, now released to express himself more freely, whilst also struggling to find his new role.

“Harry even ends with the motto of the Marines – ‘Per Mare, Per Terram’ – By Sea, By Land.

“An organisation that both he and his grandfather were deeply committed to and which he clearly misses.”

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