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Queen’s birthday: Her favourite presents from husband Prince Philip over the years

This year marks her first birthday without him

It’s the Queen’s birthday today, the first since the death of her beloved Prince Philip, but what are the most memorable of Philip’s gifts to the Queen?

The Duke of Edinburgh’s romantic side often came out in the precious gifts he gave to his wife – many of which he designed himself.

Here’s a look at some of her favourite gifts from husband Philip.

The Queen faces her first birthday without her husband (Credit: Splash)
The Queen’s birthday today is the first without her husband in over 70 years(Credit: Splash)

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Philip’s gifts to the Queen: Diamond engagement ring

Philip Mountbatten, then soon to become the Duke of Edinburgh, proposed to Princess Elizabeth in 1946.

The couple delayed the announcement until after her 21st birthday.

The public saw her engagement ring for the first time when it was finally announced on July 09 1947.

He proposed with a three-carat brilliant-cut diamond set in platinum, flanked by smaller pavé-set stones.

London jeweller Philip Antrobus Ltd made the ring, using diamonds that came from an antique tiara belonging to Philip’s mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg.

The Prince designed the ring.

She has worn the ring daily ever since, paired with her Welsh gold wedding band.

Queen engagement ring
The Queen’s precious engagement ring from Prince Philip (Credit: YouTube)

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Philip’s gifts to The Queen: Diamond wedding bracelet

The Prince also surprised his fiancée with a diamond bracelet.

Jewellers crafted the bracelet using diamonds from his mother’s tiara.

The bracelet was set in platinum with geometric Art Deco-style diamond-set motifs.

The Queen wore the bracelet on her wedding day, and has worn it often ever since.

Fifth anniversary bracelet

In 1952, Prince Philip commissioned French jewellery house Boucheron to create an elaborate bracelet that he once again helped to design.

The yellow-gold bracelet was based on a drawing by the Prince.

It encompasses three crosses – two in sapphire and one in ruby – alongside the Duke’s naval badge set in diamonds, and two gold and diamond heraldic roses.

These elements are joined by yellow-gold links in the shape of the couple’s joint cypher, with the interlocking initials E and P.

The Queen choose to wear it for a portrait taken to mark the couple’s 60th wedding anniversary in 2007.

Andrew Grima Scarab brooch

In 1966, Grima won the Duke of Edinburgh Prize for Elegant Design.

That same year, the Duke presented his wife with a yellow gold, ruby and diamond Scarab brooch by the jeweller.

The Queen wears the brooch regularly, proving it’s one of her favourite pieces.

She wore it on their platinum anniversary in 2017.

Honeymoon brooch

Fans of The Queen know she has dozens of brooches in her collection.

Her honeymoon brooch – a platinum, diamond and sapphire chrysanthemum – is one perhaps most closely associated with her relationship with Prince Philip.

She received it in 1946, a year before they married by a shipping company when she launched an oil tanker named British Princess before she married Prince Philip.

Although Prince Philip did not actually gift her the brooch, she wore it in their official honeymoon portraits.

She also wore the brooch on their 60th anniversary and for a portrait on their final wedding anniversary together last November.

Cullinan V brooch

The Queen wore this brooch for an official portrait released to mark her husband’s 99th birthday in June 2020.

Garrard created the brooch in 1911 for Queen Mary to wear to the Delhi Durbar.

It’s set with a heart-shaped diamond weighing 18.8 carats.

Again, the brooch was not given to her by Philip, but it has special meaning between them due to the heart-shaped Cullinan V.

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