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Princess Diana said she would have ‘taken Prince Charles back in a heartbeat’

She apparently made the bold claim just a month before her passing

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Princess Diana reportedly said she would have reconciled with Prince Charles ‘in a heartbeat’.

And a top royal reporter says she told her this just a month before her tragic death in 1997.

Speaking to The Telegraph, former Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown said Diana spoke fondly of Charles during their July 1997 luncheon along with Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

Here, she said Diana said that she and Charles have never gotten on better, and enjoyed banter.

What’s more, she even said she would love to take him back.

princess diana and prince charles with their sons
Princess Diana and Prince Charles with sons Prince William and Prince Harry (Credit: SplashNews)

What else did Princess Diana say about Prince Charles?

But at the same time, she also finally accepted Prince Charles’ unwavering love for Camilla Parker Bowles.

Tina said: “One thing she had finally done was really understand that Camilla was the love of his life, and there was just nothing she could do about it.

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“But she said to me at that lunch that she would go back to Charles in a heartbeat if he wanted her.”

Before adding: “She still wished that her marriage could have survived.”

She also said that Diana enthused to her about her continuous philanthropic projects.

princess diana
Princess Diana said she would take Prince Charles back (Credit: SplashNews)

She said she had huge plans to become one of the world’s most prolific philanthropists.

Her words come just days after The Diana Interview: Revenge of a Princess aired on ITV.

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Here it was alleged that journalist Martin Bashir misled both Diana and her brother Earl Spencer into agreeing to the iconic 1995 Panorama interview.

During the interview Diana made several damning claims against Charles, including that he was in love with someone else.

prince charles and camilla
But Diana accepted that Charles loved Camilla (Credit: SplashNews)

Charles and Diana ‘sobbed after finalising their divorce’

Meanwhile, several other of Diana’s past acquaintances have shared their own takeaways on Diana and Charles’ relationship.

Ingrid Seward, of Majesty Magazine, said that Diana told her both her and Charles sobbed when they signed their divorce papers.

Speaking on the documentary The Royal Family At War, Ingrid said: “She said that on the day of the divorce, she and Charles sat together on the couch and they both cried.

“It was this crazy separation but by the time the divorce was finalised, they were in much better shape.”

The couple had married in 1981 when Diana was just 20-years-old. Divorced by 1996, they shared two sons together, Prince William and Prince Harry.

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