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Prince William and Kate Middleton praised as they open up about bereavement

William shared his concern for frontline workers' mental health

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been widely praised for speaking to frontline workers about bereavement.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spoke to frontline workers via video chat on behalf of the Royal Foundation.

And Prince William candidly opened up about his own experience with witnessing death and bereavement.

He served as an ambulance helicopter pilot for five years.

prince william and kate middleton frontline workers
Kate Middleton and Prince William thanked frontline workers as they discussed bereavement (Credit: SplashNews)

What did Prince William and Kate Middleton say about bereavement?

William said: “Some of it I noticed from my previous spell flying with the air ambulance with the team.

“When you see so much death and so much bereavement it does impact how you see the world.

“It is very interesting what you said about being able to see things in a different light.

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“I think you said about thinking everyone around you is going to die, that is what really worries me about the frontline staff at the moment.

“That you are so under the cosh at the moment and so pressurised and you’re seeing such high levels of sadness, trauma, death, that it impacts your own life and your own family life because it is always there.”

prince william on mental health
Prince William has opened up about his own mental health issues in recent years (Credit: SplashNews)

Prince William has seen the world as a ‘darker place’

William continued to explain how it affected his mental health, even leading to feelings of depression.

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William continued: “You’re so drawn into it, which everyone is, it is only natural that would happen.

It really does, it stays with you, at home it stays with you for weeks on end, doesn’t it, and you see the world in a much more, slightly depressed, darker, blacker place.

“But that’s what I think a lot of the public don’t understand, that when you’re surrounded by that level of intense trauma and sadness and bereavement.

“It really does, it stays with you, at home it stays with you for weeks on end, doesn’t it, and you see the world in a much more, slightly depressed, darker, blacker place.”

kate middleton and prince william
Kate asked what more could be done to support frontline workers (Credit: SplashNews)

What did Kate Middleton say on the video call?

Meanwhile Kate asked the video attendees what more could be done to boost mental health services to those on the frontline.

She added: “Never has there been a more important time to have services like this out there, so I am so glad they are being used as well.”

Taking to social media, the couple shared a video highlighting their discussion on Instagram.

Their caption included: “Bereavement is never easy, especially for frontline workers during these unprecedented times.

“It is so important to have services like Just ‘B’, who provide a listening ear for those coping with the loss of colleagues, loved ones and people they care for.”

In fact, dozens of Instagram users responded by with overwhelming praise for the royal couple.

One user wrote: “William and Catherine really are such a wonderful and caring couple! They will make such a great King and Queen one day!”

While another user gushed: “Thank you for supporting this wonderful people. I cant imagine what they have to deal with every day.”

A third user praised: “How wonderful that they’re doing this for our frontline NHS staff.”

And a fourth user commented: “Aren’t these two wonderful in their support of mental illness and other support.”

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