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Prince Harry beats William and Charles in new research on being most ‘suited to royal life’

William and son Prince George were the least suited...

Prince Harry beat brother William and father Prince Charles to be crowned the most suited to royal life in new research.

New research has been conducted by experts at Psychic World along with renowned celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman.

They analysed the birth charts of members of the Royal Family and assessed how well suited they are to royal life.

The Queen on palace balcony with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
The Queen and Prince Harry took the top spots in the research (Credit:

Prince Harry and William

According to the research, those with the most favourable position of their sun, moon and ascending at the time of their birth would score highly.

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There’s three main points that outline someone’s personality.

The first is sun, which is your identity and the “essence” that you put out into the world.

The second is moon, which is the soul behind your identity.

The Queen in teal green dress at Windsor Castle
The Queen is the most suited to royal life, according to the research (Credit: YouTube)

Finally, the third point is ascendent which is your social personality and outward style.

Although Harry didn’t bag the top spot, he came in second place behind the Queen.

Her Majesty, 96, is the most suited to royal life and scored a royal suitability of 9/10, Psychic World revealed.

Inbaal said: “With a Taurus Sun (10/10), she upholds traditions with aplomb, and enjoys routines.

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“Her Leo Moon (9/10) helps her feel right at home in the very uncommon position of monarch, as Leo is the lion, King of the Jungle.

“All helped by her Capricorn Ascendant (8/10), a sign with a focused mind and a keen eye for strategy and tact.”

Meanwhile, according to the research, the Duke of Sussex was in second place as he scored 8.3 out of 10.

Prince Harry smiles and puts thumbs up to camera at Invictus Games
Prince Harry’s birth chart makes him “perfect royal material” (Credit: Dutch Press Photo/Cover Images)

His chart shows that his Sun Virgo earns him 7 out of 10 while his Moon Taurus makes him “perfect royal material as he is practical and dependable”.

Inbaal explained: “Prince Harry may have had the cheeky reputation in his youth, but he is ‘triple Earth’, boasting one of each of the Earth signs, Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo as his main planets.”

He added that Earth signs are “mature, responsible and principled”.

Although Harry was once a cheeky prince, he’s now a “respected husband and father” and puts his family “above all else”, Inbaal said.

Prince George and Prince William at Philip memorial service
George and William least suited to royal life, according to the research (Credit:

Harry is followed by Prince Louis (8/10), the Duchess of Cambridge (7.3/10) and then Prince Charles who also scored 7.3 out of 10.

According to Psychic World, the least suited to the throne are Prince William (4.6/10), Prince George (5.3/10) and the Duchess of Cornwall (6.3/10).

On William, Inbaal explained: “Prince William has had his path laid out from childhood, as first born and future King.

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“But his Sagittarian love of freedom and travel is evident in his life choices, from his military career and extensive official trips abroad.

“His Cancerian nature is ever present in his hands-on parenting of his three young kids.

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“No doubt he will make a wonderful monarch.

“But his free spirit will change traditions around the Royal Family, when his turn comes.”

Princess Charlotte and Meghan Markle fell in the middle of the results, scoring 7 and 6.6 respectively.

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