Woman slammed for complaining boyfriend proposed with ‘cheap’ engagement ring despite being ‘rich’

Many people branded her "spoilt"

A woman has been criticised for complaining about her boyfriend proposing to her with a £75 engagement ring.

The 24-year-old was left fuming after her partner got down on one knee with a ring from the local jewellery shop.

The woman admitted she expected more from her “rich and successful” boyfriend after dating for two years.

The woman admitted she expected more from her “rich and successful” boyfriend (Credit: Pexels)

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Taking to Reddit, the woman vented her fury.

She wrote: “My partner proposed to me with a $100 (£75) silver ring he bought at a local jewellery store.

“I didn’t give him an answer. I told him I need time to think. Everyone online said I’m petty and wrong. I don’t think I am.”

She continued: “He’s rich and successful. He has large investments in several start-ups and always making plans to grow his career.

“Why can’t he put some thought and buy me a diamond ring like most men do? We have been together for 2 years. He never liked to spend.

The women complained that her boyfriend proposed to her with a £75 engagement ring (Credit: Pexels)

“What’s the point in making money when you don’t spend it? He’s going to store all that like storing grain in winter.”

She added: “What I’m upset about is that he doesn’t think I’m worth enough to spend money to buy me a diamond ring.”

“So everyone is calling me materialistic but my perspective is that although he doesn’t spend much but if he got me a diamond ring when he proposed, it would make me feel incredibly special.

“In the 2 years, we never went on expensive dates. He’s the kind of guy who’d rather stay home and cook rather than eat an expensive restaurants even though he has the means to. I expected he would make an exception for the engagement ring.”

Her post sparked a debate among fellow users, with many people branding her “spoilt” and a “brat”.

Engagement ring
Many people branding her “spoilt” and a “brat” (Credit: Shutterstock)

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One person wrote: “An extremely financially responsible man is offering you his life and all you care about is what’s on your hand to flash around to all the people you hate?”

Another said: “He went out his way to buy a beautiful silver ring and asked you to spend the rest of your life with him and your acting like a spoilt brat.”

A third added: “Sorry to say but you’re being an immature brat. Please run your concern by the bf, so he at least knows who he’s marrying.”

But one person advised the woman, saying: “If you’re going to marry him, I would talk to him and tell him gently how you feel.”

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