Wife furious after husband tries to pay her £600 for sex

She said their sex drives were mismatched

A woman has slammed her husband for offering her £600 for ‘sex and oral sex’ as their sex drives were mismatched.

She took to Mumsnet to express her anger after her hubby of 12 years just got a job after being unemployed for six months.

The woman, 30, revealed he was paying her back with the money from his first pay packet as she supported him while he didn’t have a job.

A woman said her husband offered her £600 for sex or oral sex (Credit: Shutterstock)

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But after he offered to pay her £300, the woman said she told him it was “quite low”.

The woman then revealed her husband, 30, upped his offer to £600 but only if she did “something sexual”.

Taking to the forum website, the woman wrote: “DH [dear husband] then offered me £600 instead, but if I wanted that I would have to do something sexual – TMI warning –  either sex, or a [oral sex act].

“I said no, and told him not to treat me like that as I’m his wife, not a sex worker. (Just to add, nothing against sex workers in the slightest! But I don’t expect my husband to treat me like that).”

But her husband didn’t give up and continued to pester her.

The woman said their sex drives were mismatched (Credit: Shutterstock)

She continued: “He then kept going on and on at me, ‘are you sure? Think of what you could buy with an extra £600’.

“‘You’re not gonna get this offer again’, ‘are you really sure?’, ‘I’m just gonna get it for free tomorrow night so why not do it now and get £600 out of it.’

“He genuinely doesn’t see a problem with how he’s treating me. He thinks it’s fine, and views it as doing each other a favour.

“On the flip side maybe he’s doing this because we don’t have sex as frequently as he’d like. Our sex drives are a complete mismatch, but it doesn’t help that he has to be told constantly what to do.”

People advised the woman to ditch her hubby (Credit: Pexels)

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People were gobsmacked by the woman’s revelations and many urged her to ditch her husband.

One person said: “I couldn’t and wouldn’t be with someone who has such a lack of respect for me that they offer me money for a [oral sex] or whatever.”

Another wrote: “Wow that’s gross and I’d be put off sex for a long time,” while a third added: “I would actually leave a man who had said this to me.”

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