ITV release first trailer for Unforgotten

Unforgotten season four: ITV announces record viewing figures as viewers produce more fan theories

Liz and Eileen are now top of fans' attention

Season four of Unforgotten has attracted record viewing figures, ITV has confirmed.

The crime drama, which stars Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar, began last Monday (February 22).

But after a week of consolidation on the channel’s catch-up service, ITV Hub, it has now broken records.

How has Unforgotten season four been doing?

The ITV Press Office let fans know the news.

It said: “7 day consolidated figures: Unforgotten Ep 1 has added 2.3m viewers across the week taking the audience to 7.4m viewers, its most-watched episode ever.”

The episode introduced a new cold case for Cassie and Sunny to investigate.

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The headless (and armless) corpse of Matthew Walsh was found in a freezer in London.

Further investigation concluded that the victim was killed in 1990, and four suspects who knew Walsh were identified.

These four were all former police officers with episode two revealing that two of them were still serving.

ITV release first trailer for Unforgotten
Cassie and Sunny have attracted record viewing figures (Credit: ITV)

How did fans react to the news?

It wasn’t long before happy fans took to Twitter to register their delight at the news.

One wrote: “Said it before, I’ll say it again, it’s great drama, amazingly acted! It has heart.

Loved the second ep, too. Heck I love all the series of #Unforgotten. Nicola and Sanjeev make a brilliant team!

Another said: “Loved the second ep, too. Heck I love all the series of #Unforgotten. Nicola and Sanjeev make a brilliant team!

Finally, a third commented: “This is fantastic news and more than well deserved.”

What are the fan theories after episode two?

After episode two, fans promoted Liz Baildon and her bed-bound mother, Eileen, up to prime suspects.

One viewer said: “Liz’s mum played by Sheila Hancock said ‘I could tell you somethings about our Elizabeth that would make your hair turn grey”. I wonder what secrets she knows about Liz.

“Liz looked the most shocked about the news announcement.”

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Another surmised: “Liz’s dad killed him (could be by accident) but Liz was probably the mastermind in covering it up.

“The mum knows. I also think Liz knows where the rest of him is.”

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