Fans think Fiona is a major suspect in Unforgotten

Unforgotten series four episode two: 8 burning questions after watching!

Are Liz Baildon and Ram Sidhu bent coppers? And what does Eileen know?

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Unforgotten continued on ITV1 on Monday (March 01 2021) and teased us with more plot twists and turns – so what are our burning questions after watching Unforgotten series four episode two?

DCI Cassie Stuart and DS Sunny Khan continued to investigate the murder of Matthew Walsh and their evidence leads them to four possible suspects.

Here’s everything you need to know about Unforgotten series four episode two.

***Warning: spoilers from Unforgotten series four episode two ahead***

Susan Lynch as Liz Baildon in Unforgotten series four (Credit: ITV)
Susan Lynch as Liz Baildon in Unforgotten series four (Credit: ITV)

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Unforgotten series four episode two: Where’s the rest of the body?

In Unforgotten series four episode two, DCI Cassie Stuart and DS Sunny Khan piece together the life of a murder victim last seen more than 30 years ago.

The headless, handless body of Matthew Walsh was discovered in the opening episode.

But where are his hands, feet and head?

Police officers conduct an extensive search for the missing body parts, but find nothing – nothing except a mysterious bunch of keys…

Are Liz Baildon and Ram Sidhu bent coppers?

There are clearly four particular people who had links with the dead man, and were in the car with him the night he disappeared.

Cassie and Sunny identify four potential suspects who trained as police probationers together, and two of them are still serving officers.

They include Susan Lynch’s character Liz Baildon – a woman at the top of her career ladder.

She’s up for a promotion to the top job in the East Anglian police force.

Ram, played by Phaldut Sharma, is a vice cop and clearly has a nasty streak.

He faces an allegation of inappropriate behaviour, but threatens to cry racial discrimination if she presses charges.

Could either of them have ‘buried evidence’?

DS Sunny Khan finds that many leads were not followed up and that there are holes in the case files…

However, we also discovered that Liz White’s character Fiona had a copper for a dad – could he have tampered with evidence to help his daughter?

Peter Egan in Unforgotten
Peter Egan in Unforgotten opposite his onscreen daughter Nicola Walker (Credit: ITV1)

Unforgotten series four episode two: What is wrong with Ram’s baby?

Ram’s wife Anna is pregnant with their child, but the scan showed something was wrong.

In episode two, Anna goes for blood tests and it’s clear the pair have a big decision to make.

What is wrong with Ram and Anna’s unborn baby?

Does Liz’s mum Eileen know the truth?

Liz is consistently undermined by her poisonous and demanding mother Eileen, played by Sheila Hancock.

But does Eileen know something that we don’t?

Talking to her carer about her daughter, Eileen spits: “You think butter wouldn’t melt?

“I could tell you a thing or two about Elizabeth that would make your hair turn grey.”

She later tells her daughter Liz that she has “balls of steel” to applying for the position of Chief Constable at work.

Sheila Hancock in Unforgotten
Sheila Hancock as Eileen in Unforgotten series four (Credit: ITV)

What’s wrong with Cassie’s dad Martin?

At home, Cassie struggles with her increasingly belligerent dad (Peter Egan) who seems determined to leave everything to his new girlfriend in his will.

Is she a gold digger who is manipulating the ailing man?

In season four, Martin has early onset dementia.

This results in him developing depression and affects his relationship with Cassie.

We’re told: “Cassie’s relationship with John is going strong, but she also faces difficult times with both her son, who has moved back home, and her father, Martin, who is struggling with early dementia.”

Is Matthew Walsh’s son involved?

Matthew Walsh’s next of kin is his son Jerome.

He appears to have no emotional reaction to hearing the news of his dad’s death.

Cassie pays him a visit, but he reveals he has never met his father and the only contact he has is his Uncle Clive.

Andy Nyman as Dean in Unforgotten series four (Credit: ITV)
Andy Nyman as Dean in Unforgotten series four (Credit: ITV)

Why did Dean and Fiona leave the police?

Both Dean and Fiona left the police force soon after ‘passing out’ – aka graduating.

Dean within months, and Fiona after one year.

Did they leave because they committed a crime and couldn’t live with the guilt?

Now, Fiona works for Family Counselling Services, and Dean runs his own business – but appears to be blackmailed into doing shady business on the side.

What’s that all about?

Is Cassie point scoring?

Cassie discovers that two of the suspects are still in the police force, and vows to investigate them like she would any other suspect.

However, Sunny accuses her of point scoring.

Cassie replies: “There is a small part of me that wants to punish someone – Andrews, the Met, the world sometimes.

“If we do this by the book, all the questions [in my mind] might go away – about Walker, Finch – and I might be able to sleep at night.”

Unforgotten series four episode two airs on Monday March 01 2021 at 9pm on ITV1.

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