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UK heatwave: Where’s the rain?!: Brits begging for downpour

Brits have had enough of the heatwave

A UK heatwave of an extreme degree has scorched the nation. And now Brits are begging for rain!

After days of British weather reaching an unprecedented 96F (35 celcius), the weatherman promised downpours and thunder.

But hundreds of disgruntled people have taken to Twitter to complain that they have yet to experience a drop.

One user tweeted: “My body is mere moments away from resembling the consistency of a runny egg. WHERE IS THE RAIN?”

Where is the rain?

heatwave uk
Brits are desperate for an end to the UK heatwave and for some rain (Credit:

Another user moaned: “Where is the rain. The fan is just blowing the hot air back at me.”

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A third user joked: “Only in the UK could we get ‘WHERE IS THE RAIN’ trending. No but seriously where is it?!”

And a fourth lamented: “It’s so British all right.”WHERE IS THE RAIN” but there’s a damn good reason. No one has Aircon in their house like they do in typically hot countries. That’s bloody why.”

However, rain has indeed hit parts of the UK already.

Extreme stormy weather had hit Scotland in the last 24 hours, which has already caused people to evacuate their mobile homes and cars to submerge.

A tragic train derailment also killed three people due to landslides.

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One Twitter user hit back with: “Where is the rain is trending. So many Brits complaining.

Too hot for Brits

heatwave uk
Will the heatwave ever end?! (Credit:

“Maybe check the news because people have died in my part of Britain because of the rain causing flooding and train derailments. Also people have their homes and businesses ruined. Have a bit of sensitivity!”

A further user echoed: “Three people have died in Scotland in a train derailment caused by heavy rain and landslides. Maybe hold onto your ‘where is the rain’ posts for another day, yeah?”

Meanwhile the Met Office has reiterated that Brits can expect extreme downpour within the next 24 hours.

A yellow storm warning has been issued for all of England and the east of Scotland.

An amber warning has been issued for eastern Scotland.

In the rest of the UK, storms in the north-west, north Wales and the West Midlands are strongly predicted.

They are expected to hit across Wednesday and Thursday.

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Steve Ramsdale said regarding these areas: “Exceptional rainfall totals could be seen of 60 millimetres in an hour with a very small chance of 150 millimetres of rainfall in three or four hours.”

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