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The Chase viewers slam contestant over ‘ridiculous’ answer as team loses £39k

Viewers weren't impressed

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Viewers of The Chase have criticised a contestant for potentially causing her team to lose £39,000 with a question blunder.

Hannah, Mary, John and Paul all bagged places in the final Chase and collectively built a £39,000 prize fund.

They managed to get 21 questions correct in the final round meaning the Chaser Mark Labbett had to try and beat that during his round.

The Chase contestants - Credit: ITV
Hannah thought the answer was daddy longlegs (Credit: ITV)

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With just 11 seconds to go, Mark – also known as The Beast – was asked by host Bradley Walsh: “What is the UK’s most venomous spider?”

He answered incorrectly and the team were offered the chance to get it right and push him back on step.

I think it’s daddy long legs but they can’t bite you.

Hannah said: “I think it’s daddy long legs but they can’t bite you.”

Paul said: “Isn’t it a false widow spider? Shall we go false widow?” to which Mary said: “Go for daddy longlegs.”

After a brief pause, Paul gave daddy longlegs as the answer to which Bradley confirmed it was wrong and the correct answer was in fact false widow.

Mark Labbett on The Chase
Mark beat the team with 11 seconds remaining (Credit: ITV)

Hannah said: “No! Sorry guys.”

The Beast was then given a question and he answered correctly, meaning he had beaten the team and the £39,000 prize fund was taken away from them.

Viewers weren’t impressed and shared their thoughts on Twitter.

One person said: “‘What is the UK’s most venomous spider?’ ‘Daddy Longlegs’. I am fuming.”

Another wrote: “OH MY GOD!!! WAS SHE SERIOUS!! A DADDY LONG LEGS? Why did they take her terrible answer?

“I’m actually angry at her!! She dressed like a minion on TV, took the minus £5,000 option, answered no questions in the builder and then cost them £39,000.. WTF Hannah!!”

The Chase contestants
The team lost the money (Credit: ITV)

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A third tweeted: “Hannah on #thechase. As if taking the minus wasn’t bad enough, Daddy long legs! WTF.”

A fourth added: “And then she mucks up at a crucial moment and costs them the money! A Daddy Long Legs is NOT a spider!! Airhead!”

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