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Monday 13th July 2020

The Chase stars 'land new primetime spin-off show'

Are they clever enough?

Anne Hegerty has been delighting fans of The Chase with her no-nonsense approach to quizzing.

The Governess, 61, also won over an army of new fans when she appeared on last year's I'm A Celebrity.

Now reports suggest that she's about to star in a new spin-off of The Chase, along with some of her fellow famous Chasers.

Anne is set to go global (Credit: ITV)

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According to The Sun, Anne and fellow Chasers such as Mark Labett, Jenny Ryan and Shaun Wallace will take on brainboxes in a new series on ITV.

Are You Smarter Than A Chaser? will see and Anne and the team travel to the US and Japan to compete.

The report says that the Chasers won't just be taking on adults - they'll be taking on 'tech-savvy children' as well as AI robots in Japan.

A source was quoted as saying: "Anne and The Chasers will be travelling across the world to prove that they can outsmart every living being — and robots.

Mark will reportedly be joining the show (Credit: ITV)

"It’s also a lighthearted look at how we measure and judge intelligence and how ­children, for example, can be far cleverer than adults due to their developing brains figuring things out such as technology in ways grown-ups can’t."

Anne and The Chasers will be travelling across the world to prove that they can outsmart every living being.

Ent Daily has contacted ITV for comment.

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Earlier this month, Anne opened up about the extreme poverty she experienced before joining The Chase.

The new show will see the stars take on quizzers across the globe (Credit: ITV)

The quizmaster said she struggled to afford food while working as a freelance copy editor before her big break with the popular ITV game show.

She told The Sun on Sunday: "I was struggling, I was hungry, I was a freelance copy editor but had very little work. I had to go to Asda, it's the best supermarket if you're poor as they have a good basic range, Sainsbury's is for rich, posh people.

"I would take vouchers, do sums in my head just to get some eggs and bread or a tin of cheap Irish stew. I'd be starving and want two tins but couldn't afford it. The poorer you are the hungrier you feel."

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