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Monday 24th February 2020

The Chase star Jenny Ryan clashes with fan who describes chasers as 'rude and snarky'

Harsh but fair?

The Chase star Jenny Ryan - aka The Vixen - has locked horns with a fan who accused the show's brainiacs of being "rude and snarky".

A chaser on the show, alongside Mark Labbett, Paul Sinha, Anne Hegerty and Shaun Wallace, Jenny opened herself up to debate on Twitter when she encouraged her 49,600 followers to ask her questions, using the hashtag #AskTheVixen.

Jenny alongside The Chase host and her fellow chasers (Credit: ITV)

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But the 37-year-old quizzer was forced to defend herself and the ITV show, when a user claimed the chasers were unkind.

The critic wrote: "Hi Jenny, why do four out of the five chasers feel the need to be unnecessarily rude and snarky towards the contestants?

"Everyone loves Paul Sinha for being a genuinely warm and nice guy, don't the other chasers want to be liked, as it's always a joy when they get beaten?"

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However, Jenny was quick to say her claims were untrue.

She replied: "I don't agree, Phillipa. We all give credit where it's due (even The Beast, despite the flat-track bully persona!) and I don't think I'm ever particularly rude or unpleasant - I will clap-back if a contestant is rude first, though."

We are also not there to be warm and fuzzy all the time.

She continued: "We are also not there to be warm and fuzzy all the time - we are meant to be intimidating, appearing on the show is meant to be a challenge and contestants know what they are letting themselves in for."

Another follower also jumped to the chasers' defence, writing: "We were lucky and recently went to watch a recording of The Chase and they were all lovely. Don't be deceived by how the show is edited."

Doesn't Anne look warm and friendly? (Credit: ITV)

Piling in on the debate, fellow chaser Anne Hegerty added: "Needing to be liked is a major reason why many women don't fulfil their potential. Not a problem shared by Jenny or me."

Even Anne's brother joined in, joking (we think!): "They're characters. They're playing a role. Apart from my sister. She really is like that..."

Jenny got a playful telling off from The Chase host Bradley Walsh this week, when he told her to "settle down" after she made a harsh comment about a losing contestant.

When Laura failed to make it back to her teammates with £2,000, Bradley bid her a fond farewell.

Laura went home empty-handed (Credit: ITV)

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He consoled her by saying: "Oh Laura, I am so sorry, but your dream will come true.

"You'll do Route 66 and you'll love it, you'll get a Harley and you'll have the time of your life.

"Right now, unfortunately you have been caught Laura, and for you The Chase is over."

Once Laura had exited the stage, Bradley turned to Jenny saying: "She was delightful!"

However Jenny, living up to her vixenish alter-ego, bit back: "It's not my job to reward people for being delightful."


Viewers watched in glee as a shocked-looking Bradley shot back: "All right love, settle down!"

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